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Friday, March 14, 2008

The different Experience

My friends and I were in Summit USJ this evening for a meeting. The guys have some business to discuss, therefore the gals were left wondering around Summit for approx. of 45 mins as the meeting was scheduled to end at 8pm.

At 7.45pm, being tired and hungry, I told my friend that I needed some coffee and rest. We walked into the SB as usual. When I first arrived at the POS (Counter), this barista by the name of Khairul has recognised me as he had served me once. Due to the drink I have, most SB baristas will know me by the first visit!

So, I ordered my drink, and he gave me a "remark"... Hai, I know you gonna do this to me, this is only my 2nd time handling the POS. I told him I have been having this same drink for years and to me, I have no difficulty naming it. As a barista, he should be more well prepared than me! Nevertheless, I even marked the sticker for him and give him the exact charges of my drink!

Just about to complete the transaction, my friend ordered another cappuccino, so I told the Barista to add on the order and told my friend to top up whatever balance as I had paid my drink with the exact! And the barista got blurrrr... Dont know how to charge!

After I proceed to the handover counter, I noticed that the milk pitchers were still stained and I requested the barista, (if I am not wrong, the name is Alvi or something) to WASH the pitcher before steaming my milk. He gave me look and RINSE the pitcher... I wonder did he hear my request! WASH not RINSE!

Then I ask where is the Manager or Supervisor, and it came totally to my surprise, MY MANAGER IS OUT FOR BREAK! I was like huh? Break? and leaving the 2 baristas who were new to handle the store! Thereafter... the queue started and the 2 baristas were panicked. I lost my patience of waiting and requested them to send the drink instead.

I called the other DM to request for SB Summit USJ DM (Mohin) contact number. I told him my experience and he said he will revert to the MOD (Ismail) on this. Later, when I was about to leave, Ismail came to me and said that he apologise from his bottom heart of what happen, and ask me what I want! Hey, I don't complain for FREE DRINK! He should be able to let me know what he can do for me. This is Customer Recovery! They are taught how to handle this! Think about it, I should have ask for not 1 but 10 free drinks vouchers! At least I can give to my friends!

Mohin called me later and ask if Ismail had called, and I told him the whole even worse customer recovery experience I have! Oh gosh, if I ever in Summit USJ, I am not going to SB anymore! I don't think I deserve to suffer for the price I paid for my coffee!

After dinner, on our way back from USJ, a friend say that he did not had his coffee just now, and ask if we should pit stop at SB Pearl International Hotel. I don't mind for that anyway.

This was a total different experience at all! BRAVO SB Pearl International!

The team had never failed me! The effort and passion can be felt once you step in the store. The outside seatings were taken, the barista had the effort to put another table for me and friends. I have my drink made to perfect! Served! and even automatically with 3 cups of water!
The Pearl International Team comprises very familiar faces if you are there! The SM (Yaz) who is now hospital and hope he recover fast! The baristas are also cool.... Wait, one day I got all their names, I will published here!

Please, for those reading this.... try out in Pearl International SB! You will be assured a perfect cup of coffee with the Excellent Service!

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