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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meeting with client @ Bangsar Village I

Last night was a tiring night for me.  I am supposed to meet a client for discussion on her application at 7.30pm unfortunately she only arrived at 8.30pm due to miscommunication with her fiance.


I arrived at SB BV1 at 6.30pm, and glad to see Margaret aka Mummy in store.  I called her in the morning informing that I will be in the store for the meeting and requested her to keep an eye on the long table for me... He he... She is always so nice and sweet, but she upheld her principle that no reserve of seats will be allowed... Mummy, a clap for you!


When later at 8.30pm the client and her fiance came, we sit down and started doing all the necessary things that we need, and I am lucky that I choose to meet in SB!  The meeting ended at 12.30am!  Till the door of SB also closed and we are still inside while waiting for the barista to finish their closing tasks!  If I am somewhere else, I doubted that I would received such as understanding and good service.  Again, BRAVO to Bangsar Village SB


I am totally exhausted after the meeting.  After home, I still doing the presentation for tomorrow.  This application need to be submitted and it has a deadline!  Oh, sleeping time was recorded at 2.30am!

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