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Monday, May 25, 2009

First trip to SB

I had my ever first trip after delivery of my little baby gal yesterday, and had my favourite coffee... My usual Double Tall 2 Pump Hazelnut Latte... Wah.. so good!

I met with the Store Manager, and was further discussing on lots of matters. Also mentioned on the moves of all the managers in the stores. Now, if I ever walk into another SB, they may not be able to recognised me anymore... sob sob...

When we are also discussing on SB customers, and I was sharing my experience with him during my employment with SB Singapore. So, though of blogging one of it first, and the other one later when I got time.

I had a surprise visit from a SCI staff during one of my shift, and it was a day of mess. I was being coached and guide into making a better shift. In fact, the SB guidelines are really being followed and I realised now that this guidelines is not being used so often already...

I am always happy that I joined SB Singapore for that 3 years and work myself up towards the Store Manager.

More to share...

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