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Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to school? I am more back to the usual

My mum is back from India after her 2 weeks yoga retreat, and I am more than happy to see her back… why?

1)  I don’t have to pick up the twins anymore, and Princess can sleep till later..

2)  I can start cooking again… so today the house has 药材汤 (herbal soup) and 苹果蜜枣水 (apple and dates water)

3)  I can get back to my accounts since I don’t have to more around.. its very messy with document laying around and you can’t finish it at one go..

4)  MOST IMPORTANT!  My mum came back in a piece, and she is safe and sound returning home!  :)

muahahha.. I am getting back to my kitchen for my lunch and dinner preparation!  :)


  1. hi cynthia, i just happened to know more of you by reading yr series of stories abt that 'b*astard'....
    life has been really hard on you, i really do symphatise yr situation. thk god u r strong & take yr little princess very good, kudos!! mom always the best ya, stay strong for the lil one, she's yr life!!

  2. hi Jacss.. thanks for dropping by and taking your time to read the posts... indeed, yes its sickening about it but I am all glad I am out of it.. I pity the wife who now take care of his little gal..

    I will stand strong for this little Princess of mine.. :)

  3. Cynthia, u must b very good in cooking :)

    How lucky little princess to have you as her mummy:)

  4. hi Mummy Ryan... I can say I can cook la.. but to say very good, still long way to go :p

  5. good afternoon cynthia, may i have a bowl of apple and dates soup? long time nia i didnt drink that.. very yoon..good for u and yr mummy..
    so life is back to normal, huh.. all documents on the floor is a norm, right?

  6. Claire... not on the floor that cham la.. all over the table! haha..

    you come KL la, I make a pot for you.. dont say a bowl :P

  7. hi.. are u in accounting line.. just wondering.. i mean i am in accounting line too ( more of audit in fact) :P

    read those posts abt coffee and food.. my goodness , how i gotta survive till dinner time leh.. now only.. 4.46pm u know... so cham..

  8. Hi Ley Mei.. yes, I am doing accounting now (preparing for accounts). I have not touch this for quite some time and glad that I can still remember how to do it :p

    oopss.. sorry to make you hungry ya.. anyway, its now 5.48pm already :p

  9. 药材汤

    feel like tasting one.

  10. Richard.. 望梅止渴... I posted the photos in my next blog!


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