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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cooking in the rain

Bit exaggerate on the title.. but I did cook, it’s raining.. and don’t it sound romantic?

This happen coz while I was busy cooking my best ever curry chicken, the “tin kong” aka sky god did not give me chance at all.. it went pouring like nobody business and my cooking area started to drip with water  :p

So, in this situation, should I stop?  cannot la, if I off the fire and leave it there, the water will drip into the wok also.. then how?  I switch off the fire on the side that I am using, take the wok and put it on the other side of the stove.  Re-start the fire again… and then I happily remembered my curry is without potatoes yet!  quick quick put a pot of water, dump in 2 potatoes and boil la…

While this side having the chicken stew for a while, and waiting for the potatoes to at least “cook” a bit, I ran back to my hall and just stay there for a while la.. woi, it’s dripping badly and I am getting wet la.

Then, ran back to the kitchen again, off the potatoes fire, pour it out and ran under water to cool it down.. peel the skin and chop chop into pieces.  I then open the wok cover, put the potatoes in and then stir a bit.  I smart smart put more water in the wok so it won’t go “long” aka burnt!

I put in the potatoes, cook cook a bit more.. put in the dhal powder mix with water (my curry got no santan) to thicken the curry, and “poop” I turn the fire off.. by this time, I already wet on my shoulder.  I cepat (quick) cepat scope up the curry chicken in a big bowl, and put on the table.  dah dah.. now, I realised the curry has not been pre-taste.. cham lor, how ah?  enough salt ah? sugar lei?  the colour looks spicy wor… *in the heart think sure kena suan big time la*

When my brother came back from work, he open the “sau kei” aka food cover and pick one piece of the chicken.. then he say, “cheh, your curry very “leng” wor”… muahahha.. I can laugh liao… he says the curry nice!  wah, chun la…

Then I put eat dinner.. ok, not that bad.. *I actually marinated the chicken earlier* so even no additional salt pepper sugar and whatsoever, it taste good too.. wah, now can self praise… wait wait.. one more person to pass the test…

My mum came home, then I offer to bagi makan la.. she open the curry then taste.. “eh, how come today not spicy ah”?  ngam your little brother la… wah, I now flying in the sky liao.. mum also pass…

So, it’s the kelam kabut, kan-cheong-ness or the rain ah?



  1. that shows u can be a chef.. no need to see book nor asking advice.. some more, can cook under the rain..
    wei..how come yr kitchen got hole in the ceiling? Next time have to wear a hat or cap or take umbrella? hahhahaa... maybe the rain drops added some flavour to your curry la.. anyway, thinking of your curry now makes me hungry..now 8am.. will go breakfast now... hahaa...

  2. Claire.. haha.. my mum recently bought a kind of hat that is very useful during the rain... maybe I should borrow from her next time :)

    Enjoy your breakfast!

  3. Little prince's mummy... i also say!

  4. Ah jie...i want to try also..=b...

  5. YY... you want to try cooking in the rain, or the curry? muahhaa..

  6. Hi Cynthia, you must be a gourmet cook from reading your posting.
    I love curries, more fish curry, or assam.
    I dated a lot of women long ago, but only one invited me home to eat her cooking.

    I didn't know it was a trap, ha ha...for me.
    She had discreetly learned from her friends who knew me my favorite dishes, happens to be Nyonya food as my mom a Nyonya lady.

    And she couldn't cook, got her Malay and Chinese, Nyonya friends give her intensive course on cooking.
    The rest is history, I lost my bachelor's degree, she gained her Masters.
    To think I got caught tru food, ha ha.
    Best regards, Lee.

  7. Hi Uncle Lee... muahahha.. think not just you that got trap with food la... :)

    My favourite dishes to do is curries...


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