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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cooking whatever I can find in the fridge

I have so many dried stuff in the fridge and don’t know what to do with it. So, I “tembeling” the whole fridge, and see what I got here..

Walnut (合桃),Peanut (花生), Chick Pee (马豆)

Dried Scallop (干贝), Dried Oyster (干耗), Dried Sotong (干鱿鱼丝)

Egg (鸡蛋), Salted Egg (咸蛋), Century Egg (皮蛋)

So, I decided to put everything in a pot and cook for porridge.. all the above with 1 cup of rice :)

This porridge has no salt, sugar, pepper.. just bit of sesame seed oil to taste.. :)

This is the beans.. got to cook first before putting in the porridge...

Serve... HOT!

I will be cooking from “whatever left in fridge” for the next few days till I can free some place for others :)


  1. just now i took fried rice..not so appetising..yr porridge looks better.. perhaps i do that tomorrow...

  2. hehe.. ok ok.. after you do let us see also ya..


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