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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Corn Frills Soup

I wrote earlier that I am clearing “stock” at home and I found this packet of Corn Frills aka Corn Whiskers.

In the packet front, its writes in Chinese

玉米须 (Corn Frills)

功效:利水消肿,用于小便不利,水肿可用赤豆30g, 玉米须15g,加水2000c煮滚后,小火再煮45分钟即可当水饮用,亦可用来煮汤。近年来常用于高血压,糖尿病,肝火以及胆道结石等病症

Effect: good for water retention, Urine issues. To reduce water retention, use Red Beans 30g, Corn Frills 15g and add water 2000c, bring to boil and continue with small fire for 45 minutes and drink as water, or can boil as soup. In recent, this is use for high blood pressure, diabetics, heat and stone.

I tried this soup, and its taste like Corn Soup. I uses some lean pork, soya beans, dried carrot and the corn frills (adding also red and black dates) and boil for few hours (using charcoal).

The soup turn out to be very sweet and nice.. very “ching” also.. clear soup.


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