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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Favourite Prawn Mee

I love to eat this Prawn Mee which is near my house. It’s just a small stall, but it has been operating for more than 20 years. It’s delicious… yum yum… I never had this food since I gave birth to Princess, and since that day I was on my way home and pass by the stall, I just stop to “ta pao” and bring home.. :)

Ask.. what so nice about this prawn mee? It’s one of the nearest to those in Penang! The couple selling this is from Penang, and its really really nice! The soup is sweet with prawn taste, and the chilli added into it is also give the soup an “uumph”. You see the little prawn there? Yes, I don’t like to eat Prawn mee with those big big prawns. I can have prawns and also not to dirtied my hands since he uses small “peeled” prawns… muahahaha (sorry, very lazy to eat those prawns with shell) ini, manyak senang! I will always asked for a “big” ones, but less the noodles and have lots of vege and the others.

I have been having this since 12 years old (loyal lei..). Used to be every week for at least 3 times. The uncle who sells this sees me from Primary to Secondary, to college, to work and now even with Princess! but I never fail to go to his stall for the good prawn mee.. (so, my dear friends, if you come visit me, this is one thing I will bring you for breakfast)!

The stall next to this is the typical Hainanese coffee stall which make good coffee (my usual, kopi ping kao siu tang). I have not been having this for quite some time and its one of the few cold drinks I take.. I AM NOT A ICE-COLD-DRINK-ER. I prefer my drinks hot, but somehow when come to this kind of traditional coffee, I prefer to have it Iced!

Since I “ta pao” and eat at home, you surely ask then what is Princess doing? SHE SEES ME EAT LOR… since she don’t want to sleep, I put her on her bouncing net

and ta dah…

She is enjoying her toys and her fingers!

Side note, I woke up at 6.30am this morning and planning to pick up my mum from the airport, and later my bro told me mum SMS to inform flight delay for 2 hours! aiyo.. so, I did this blog la… :p


  1. i like prawn mee. but i don't dare too eat so much.

    i am afraid of too much prawn.

  2. why Richard? sensitive skin ah? 以毒攻毒

  3. Me too loves prawn mee so much, so far the BEST for me is at Malacaa, the soup very sweet (cz the had boiled the prawn skin together wth the soup) then me too loves to eat small prawn...Yum..yum.....
    Maybe i day i should try your side there...alamak u make me drooling liow:)

  4. haha.. yet to try out in Melaka.. come come, I bring you there to this stall to try... :)

  5. where is this yummy prawn mee place ?


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