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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gosh, when is the water supply coming?

UPDATE: The water supply resume at about 9pm on Sunday (14 June 2009)!

Aiyo, my house has not got the water supply since Saturday (1000hrs 13 June 2009) till now.. (I am writing this 13:30hrs 14 June 2009). Its been more than 24 hours without water, and I have got like 5 bottles of mineral water at home for drinking.

The tangki water is drying up soon, as everybody is bathing using those water and if the water supply don’t resume soon, all of us at home may have to be “ham yu” aka salted fish!

The weather is so hot, and there is not enough water in the house to cool us down!


I saw those water supply lorry near my house, but it has yet to come over to my place… aiyo, this reminds me those time about 10 years ago, when we were having the Commonwealth Games, and the water supply was insufficient, and we used to chase over these kind of lorries when they come. Hopefully this time round, we don’t have to be so cham la… :(

We queued and fight over the water pipes from the lorry to fill up our empty pails and refill all the tubs in the house those days in order to ensure water is enough.. now, still have to go through this again meh? *faint*

Please please.. don’t do this to me la… :(

Water water where are you.. please come to my house ASAP!


  1. yoh...yes la..without water, like desert leh.. poor lady! no current also not so bad.. no water? very difficult... sigh.. what is the water dept doing?

  2. Claire.. tell me about that.. eeerrr, very geram la... hopefully by tomorrow got water, if not, I will be damn susah!

  3. here too.. but its still no sign of the water supply!!! I can't bath with the rain water rite??!!

  4. Hi Cynthia, Now I know about the footsteps I was hearing at nights and the scent of a woman, it was you, ha ha.
    Incidentally we are 12 hours behind your local time.
    Thank you for dropping by, always a pleasure have new friends.

    Regret to read you having water problems.
    Maybe next day you get some big plastic containers to keep so as and when there is water problems, you will have enough to cook and wash, especially as you have a baby with you.

    I read thru your earlier postings and regret to read of your circumstances.
    We enjoy warmth because we have been cold. We appreciate light because we have been in darkness.
    By the same token we can experience joy because we have known sadness.

    You stay easy, keep well and hope you get your water soon....look forward to your dropping by.
    Best regards, Lee.

  5. I went thru the terrible water rationing 11 years ago too. Where do you live? Is there a water rationing there or what?

  6. Uncle Lee.. thanks for coming by.. this was not any notice for a water rationing of 2 days! I was not prepared at all... despite having empty pails at home.. :p

    Shireen.. I am staying in Happy Garden, old klang road! I have no idea what is going on for them to not supplying water to us for 2 days!


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