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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is TODAY!  I used to celebrate with my dad but no anymore since 4 years ago.  My dad now celebrates HIS day with GOD.. :p

Since I may celebrate Father’s Day this year again (I can be the Father of Princess rite?), so I thought of putting up an article.. and since I have posted 2 other posts on “Happy Birthday” and “I Love You”, so why not post on “Father” too.. OK, “Mother” please wait for your turn ya, I do that soon (since Mother’s Day sudah lepas ma)…

So, here is the list…

Afrikaans: Vader
Bangla: Baba or Abba
Basque: Aita
Bolognese: Pèder
Brazilian Portuguese: Pai
Breton: Tad
Chinese: Ba (Baa)
Cree (Canada): Papa
Croatian: Otac
Czech: Táta, Otec
Dakota (USA): Ate
Dutch: Vader, Papa or Pappie
East African: Baba
English: Father, Dad, Daddy, Pop, Poppa or Papa
Filipino: Tatay, Itay, Tay or Ama
French: Papa
Galician: Pai
German: Banketi or Papi
Hebrew: Abba (h)
Hindi: Papa or Pita-ji
Hungarian: Apa, Apu, Papa or Edesapa
Icelandic: Pabbi or Faðir
Indonesian: Bapa, Ayah or Pak
Irish: Athair or Daidí
Italian: Babbo
Japanese: Otosan or Papa
Judeo: Spanish, Padre, Baba or Babu
Kikuyu: Baba
Kiswahili: Baba
Ladin: Pere
Latin: Pater, Papa or Atta
Luo (Kenya): Baba
Malay: Bapa
Maltese: Missier
Modern Greek: Babbas
Nahuatl (Mexico): Ta'
Nepali: Buwa
Norwegian: Pappa or Far
Persian/Farsi: Pedar, Pitar or Baabaa
Polish: Tata or Ojciec
Portuguese: Pai
Quechua: Tata or Churiyaqe
Romanian: Tata, Parinte or Taica
Russian: Papa
Sanskrit: Tàtah or Janak
Sicilian: Patri
Slovak: Otec
Spanish: Papá, Viejo or Tata
Swedish: Pappa
Swiss German: Vatter
Turkish: Baba
Urdu: Abbu, Abbu-ji, Abbu-jaan
Venetian: Pare, Popà, 'Opà, Pupà or Papà
Welsh: Tad

So, thinking to get your child to address you differently?  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


  1. can see that "papa" or "baba" is common

  2. yup.. tonight will have the mama version.. :0

  3. My kids start or first word is papa.

  4. hello cynthia,
    I am glad I found you here. I don't remember if I visited you before, maybe this is my first time visit. I am glad you left your footstep on my blog that could lead me here. I saw I am already in your link, let me do the same.

    I will add your 2 blogs in my list if it is ok for you.

    thanks for the visit

  5. Pete.. I think Princess will only learn that when she goes school la.. muahhaa....

    Weng Forsgren.. thanks for linking...


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