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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Outing

I had my beloved good friend (who I am very very very close with) and we called each other cheh cheh and mei mei came back from London last week, and I met her, her hubby and baby last week for a short while.

Today, we finally meet up with another friend in her house again!  I brought Princess along, and guess what, her daughter is only 2 weeks elder than Princess.  I did not bring my camera along, and hopefully I can receive some photos taken by her hubby and then post it here!

I was really really happy today!  It’s such a good time we shared since 11.30am till 3.00pm!  If not coz I have to pick up the twins, I would have stay longer!  I am also close to the parents and they are really good people.  Wah, we chat non stop to share all our lost moments  :)  I am seriously happy happy happy to see her…

She is leaving for London next Tuesday, and I hope to catch up with her again if possible, if not, I may have to wait for her next trip to come back, or I fly over there?  hmmm… I miss her dearly.. I remembered all those good, bad, happy and sad times we shared during our stay in Singapore!

Oh, this good buddy that I have have known each other since secondary school (count back, its already more than 15 years)!  See, sometimes good close friends are hard to come by, and by maintaining a 15 years of friendship is never never easy!

We shared about all, everything from being single, being a mother, and of course her life now being a wife to a lovely hubby!  Me, sharing with her about Adrian, and of course how am I coping now… but we are just overly happy happy happy!!!

With another friend joining us today, we have lots more to talk, yank and go on and on… ok, we make a point to meet others the next round!  I just can’t stop to keep smiling today!

And on the side note, Adrian agreed on the terms and conditions of the agreement and I can go ahead with finalising it.. We will be signing it next Thursday!!!  hurray!!!  My Prayers are answered!  OK GOD, you have been nice, but you will be nicer if there is no more other hiccups and let me live in peace with Princess.. I will love you dearly!



  1. hahha...u sound like u strike more than a lottery, lady...anyway, happy to hear u r happy and happy bec u r smiling the whole day.. hahaa..
    so easy to make u happy, gal...
    keep smiling... yr baby will smile with u and the days will be brighter with your smiles...

  2. Claire.. I very senang to be happy wan.. its just that Adrian take advantage of it only... basically I also not a sad person la.. hahaha... :)

  3. Cynthia, happy to hear god had answered your prayer:).....

  4. thumbs up cynthia! keep blogging and stay happy

    will come visit Princess soon. Long time no see her... paiseh paiseh..


  5. I'm so happy for you coz God had answered your prayers. I really admire your courage. Princess is blessed with a great mum like you.

  6. Mummy Ryan.. thanks... GOD isn't blind rite? hehehe...

    Joyce.. come come.. Princess now very the cheeky... she can give you a good smile if she is well rest.

    Mummy Gwen.. actually I don't have the courage to bring things this far, its Adrian who give me this! hahaha...

  7. Hi Sis, Happy to hear that he finally agree with the agreement and god answer your prayer.


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