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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How many “zhong” aka rice dumpling can you have

My fault for not taking the photos.. too busy with the food… but I am here to announce that I have 4 types of Zhong in my house!  and 3 types gone… :p

It’s my eldest uncle (mum’s brother) birthday last weekend and my aunty from Teluk Intan came. (this is the Aunt that do my confinement for me when I give birth to Breanna)  Whenever she is here, we will always have nice food!  and this time round, she came and make “zhong” for us.  She make what “Zhong”? 

We have the Hokkien zhong, Cantonese Zhong, Kan Sui zhong (Alkaline) and Sago Zhong… did I hear anyone of you say “wow”?  Yes, me too was like "wow”.. so many to choose.. So, I had the Kan Sui zhong with Kaya for a start.. and later followed by the Hokkien Zhong… (that’s the first day) and on the second day, I had the Cantonese Zhong and Sago Zhong…

So, what is the difference on both the Hokkien Zhong and Cantonese Zhong?

Hokkien Zhong is black while the Cantonese Zhong is white

The rice and all the ingredient for Hokkien Zhong has been fried before we wrap it, and not for the Cantonese ones.

Hokkien Zhong is bit harder compared to the Cantonese ones..

Hokkien Zhong is more fragrant than the Cantonese Zhong

Cantonese Zhong is more ingredient! muahahah….

Anyone for the Zhong?  By the time I blog this, my house left with only the Cantonese Zhong….  :P


  1. eh.. so much zhong, no indigestion meh ? I still hv a couple of yummy bak chang with mushroom, pork, salty egg yolk, beans.. now what zhong is that ? Cantonese or Hokkien ? They are in my freezer waiting for me to heal from my abdominal upset first :(

  2. It may sound like a stupid question to you, but can you please tell me what is Zhong?

    It's always nice if there's someone else to cook for us huh?

  3. hey, u make it sound like dumpling festival all over again..hahhaa..
    btw, the other day in pg, i ate one choong which is bluish in colour and the ingredients are a bit sweet saltish..oh..that is nyonya.. haiyah..baru i ingat.. hahhaa...

  4. 我也很喜欢吃粽子! 你的文章让我觉得重回端午节了!哦,今年润五月,难怪啦!

  5. Elaine.. open up and taste it then you know if its from the hokkien or cantonese lor... muahaha... get well soon ya :)

    MamaFaMi, memang pun... :)

    Claire.. its the 2nd dumpling festival ma... so, my rumah is full of it now..

    密池,对咯,我家做棕子因为端午节。。明年才有的再吃了 :)


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