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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I missed my washing machine

If my mum read this post, she will sure be giggling and laugh!  YES, I am doing hand washing today!


Coz my washing machine decided to go on strike and needed a break gua… the machine just refuse to spin… aiyo, need to send for repair jor..

So how, while waiting for the repair process?  last time, biar la the clothes there till I cannot tahan then send to laundrette la.. NOW, I am washing it by my own pair of hands lor… My mum will say.. there, no choice lei, coz of the baby.. muahahhaa…

Yup, Princess baju / napkin / towel and etc will need to be wash no matter what on a daily basis.  Here come the Ah Soh aka Mummy to do the job lor.  Well, I don’t say its difficult, just that I don’t really enjoy my hands soaking in water for very long la, and I just don’t like the feeling of my hands after washing clothes!

Anyway, still have to do right.. or else my little precious got nothing to change and got to be on diaper and bogel (which I don’t think I will do that la). 

Washing the baby clothes are not difficult, coz I will pre-soak all the dirty napkins for the day while changing for Princess.  The part that make my mum laugh is, I am washing my own clothes!  Yes, in order to make sure my clothes are clean and not stuffed in the room for long, I now wash them after each bath!

I moved all the pails, washing powder, detergent into my bath room, so that it will be easier for me to do the washing immediately after mandi or else, I get malas again… wow.. I can imagine my mum’s laughing already la… muahahhaa…

I just missed my washing machine now… :)


  1. hey.. look from bright side.. hand wash cleaner mah especially with baby clothing... less risk for sensitive skin

  2. Hi.. I read through your blog on how you ended up being a single mother and your princess having such an irresponsible father.

    You are strong to be able to laugh about it which is good.

    How do you support yourself now especially since he didn't pay you any child support?

    You may want to relook at child care posibility and plan to go back to work. Getting financial independence will help.

    Best of luck, and take care ok?

  3. If my washing machine really breaks down, I will surely put aside all my dirty clothes until the machine comes back and work! Lazy hor? lol

  4. Ley Mei.. ya lor, no choice.. :p

    Zara's mama.. thanks for dropping by.. I am now on some freelance accounting works till later when I can send Princess out to child care and go back to work..

    thanks again...

    Cindy.. when you have the kecik molek, you be "extreme" hardworking! don't laugh... muahaha..

  5. Hi Cynthia, I can imagine your problems without a washing machine, especially with a baby.
    My wife every night washes her clothes by hand, she prefers it this way, says her clothes last longer.

    Must throw party when the machine is repaired, ha ha.
    Have a great week and bet your mom will feel proud of you. Best regards, Lee.

  6. Uncle Lee.. you are early in visiting... or just got back from party? :p

    Yes, once my machine is back, I shall celebrate!

  7. no washing machine. difficult la.
    i can't live without one.

  8. Richard.. not so kua chang la.. I can still lived without it.. just that either end with hand wash or laundrette lor... :p

  9. I can't imagine if my life without washing machine. I am now also too depend on it.

    So have you sent it for repair?

  10. Joanne... Still not send for repair yet... nah, waiting for my brother to get it done... :)

    Believe nowadays we will be slight handicap if without the help of electrical item!


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