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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life as a Single Mum - Episode No 2

A month passed, and we celebrated Princess full moon on the 15th March 2009 instead of the actual 17th to take advantage of the weekend.

During this month, I have to observed the “pantang” and Princess was trying to recover from her jaundice. Lots of family members, friends and colleagues came to my place with gifts and ang pows. Also have friends that been overly “shock” to see my status and came visiting just to get to know what’s going on. I do appreciate the concern, however too many times keep repeating the same story got me damn bored! Writing a blog can also ease my repeating pain rite? hahaha..

My aunt who came to help me on confinement also prepared the full moon gift for all the visitors. We have a total of approximately 60 packs, excluding those served at home. It was really a mass do, with all my other aunties came to help. I big thank you for them to make this event so remarkable.

From the Turmeric Rice, Eggs, Preserved Ginger, Ang Ku Kueh and Curry Chicken were all homemade and pack by everyone’s effort. My aunts even have to wake up at 4am to start steaming the Turmeric Rice! and they have busy the whole day before it. I did not manage to snap the photo of the Ang Ku Kueh (what a waste) as they make the “tao” shape which is very seldom to be seen in KL.

It was my mum’s birthday too a day earlier, therefore everyone has double celebrations. My bro got a cake from RT Pastry House (a place where we normally get our cakes and breads).

Oh, not forgetting my brother’s gf mum who has helped me rear 20 kampung chicken! and my brother who drove all the way back to Beruas to collect for me. Imagine having livestock in your car all the way for 3 hours? My aunts busy slaughtering these chickens for me everyday for soups and the rest was used for the curry chicken.. yummy! It’s not easy to get chicken like that nowadays in KL.

In short, we all have a good celebration of the full moon :)

Next coming up, how did being single mum affected my work…


  1. wow..everyone seems to be so loving and u r indeed blessed to be loved by them.. so happy to read this post... how i wish i were there too... to witness the busyness and of course to savour the ang koo, yellow pulut rice, curry chicken ( i suppose, ada?).... and vinegar pork? hahaa... that is my fantasy only...

  2. Claire.. next round next round if you got "hou fok" ah... hahahha... I always a good gal in return to get all the love from my parents and relatives.. :) hehehe..

  3. Yum.. can imagine those yummy food u had.. Btw, my wawa is also a March baby! :D

  4. You have very good friends and family support! Happy full moon!

  5. Hi Bonnie... you calculated wrongly.. Princess is a February baby.. hehehe :p

    Pete.. indeed I am lucky to have them all with me.. :)

  6. you are really very blessed to have such a good family :) you can always count on them :D

  7. Barb.. thanks... yes, I am such a lucky person!


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