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Monday, June 15, 2009

My first home cook meal after 2 weeks

The feel is really really good :) I had my first home cook after 2 weeks.. see what I got?

Herbal soup

Fried Chicken (from Pasar Malam)

Brocolli with bacon bits

Desserts: Apple with honey dates water

Yes, I did this myself.. since mum is back and I can start to cook again :) Or else for the last 2 weeks, only me the one will eat at home, no point cooking rite.. ok, whats for tomorrow ah?



  1. Hi, Cynthia, thanks for linking my blog.

    Read all ur previous posts, feeling both sad and happy for u, sad for having that kind of man intruding ur life, but glad to see u went over it strongly. Moreover, having a lovely princess is such a blessing, not forgetting ur understanding family and helpful friends.

    Kam-pa-tai! Love to see more of ur happy & cooking posts.

    Best regards

  2. Hi Kel. .thanks for dropping by.. :)

  3. wow..yummy. i like the apple with honey dates water ...cooling eh? care to share the recipe? pweety please?

  4. Barb.. yes, its very cooling.. and since my house will never fail to have "almost rotten apples" every 2 weeks.. I will cook this every 2 weeks la..


    8 to 10 apples (normally those almost going going gone kind) - halves and remove the stem and seeds (can keep the skin, but make sure clean clean)

    about 6 to 8 honey dates

    put water and boil.. no need to put sugar coz the dates and apple already sweet.. but sometimes you kena some sour apple, then it will be bit sour but still nice to drink..

    CHILLED in fridge.. :)

  5. BARB.. of coz dont't forget THE WATER! and the boiling time is about an hour on small fire (me the lazy type, use charcoal, so no need jaga api) once all charcoal finish, that's it.. :p

  6. Cynthia,
    You are so funny. forgot to tell Barb to add water. Now, I know what to do with apples that are months in my fridge ! MIL has heaps of them after the 1st & 15th prayers every month.

  7. Elaine.. ya la, that's what my brother contribute la.. 1st and 15th of the month.. :p cannot tahan them staying in my fridge till rot la.. :) FYI, the oranges I will blend and drink just like that.. :p


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