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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nyonya Perut Ikan

For those Nyonya staying in Penang will sure know this dish! It's a very traditional dish and not many people cook this anymore nowadays coz it needs lot of work.

See, when my aunt is here, I got a chance to eat all this!

What are the ingredient and how it taste like?

It tastes like the Assam Laksa soup and with lots of veg such as Daun Kalo, Brinjal, Long Beans, Pineapple, Daun Karsom, Mint Leave, Bunga Kantan, "Jian Hong" and shrimp paste. The main ingredient is the fish stomach which was marinated few months ago! We gets to have the fish stomach from one of my mum usual fish stall and it's free! My mum brought back and clean it, store in a air tight bottle... wow, it's nice!

Coz of all the leaves invovled, it leaves a good mint taste too1

Here some photos taken before I wallop it!

This is also good to be served with Meehoon... and YUMMY!


  1. perut ikan.. i tasted tat dish in a nyonya restaurant here in IPOH... Bee Gaik, i wonder whether u heard of this or not... it has a sourish taste.. but different from your picture here.. hope i can taste yours one day..hehe.

  2. Fish stomach?? Does it taste fishy?? Juz wonderin the green vege is it called ' Hai Thai'(like a seaweed)??

  3. Claire.. never heard of that restaurant... yes, its sourish taste...

    MeRy, the veg is not "hai thai", its some kind of veg that you can plug beside the longkang.. hehe... :)

  4. Ha ha, I just cooked this for my mom and brought it back to Butterworth for her last week!

  5. wow Pete.. you are good la.. :)


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