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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Something Disturbing

I was disturbed by this NEWS when I read about it on the Star Online Updates.  The baby was dead, and the woman who gave birth to it was badly bleeding.

Beside the sympathy feeling towards her, the news stated that the Authority has arrested her after she confessed that her baby was alive when she gave birth to the baby. 

After going through all this by herself, it’s another blow that she was arrested and may be charged for murdering the baby?  Don’t know and I don’t think there will be further news rite?

Why is only the woman being arrested?  Why not the boyfriend as well?  Don’t the boyfriend has the slight responsibility in this?  The boyfriend is not going to be questioned?  I bet this woman is not having a good time either, going through all this on her own.  Seeing her child died in her arm.  Why still make her go through the questioning?

What I am expressing is that, when an incident of a child being born illegitimate, don’t the man who implanted their sperm into the woman production path has anything to do with it?  Is there any law in Malaysia or even other countries emphasising this?

So, the next question, why give in?  YES, if everyone would have self constrained and self control, this will be much easier to settle.  So, what can we do for the society? 

What can we do to prevent pre-marital sex?  Don’t think it’s possible as the education and exposure are bit difficult to resist… kids and even adults are curious.. what next then?  Protected Sex?  Maybe one way or another, this could be the alternative.  Incorporate a law that all unmarried couple to ensure safe, protected sex before marriage? 

If not for that, how can we educate our generations be more responsible of their act?  How do we make them understand what are the consequences?  How do we ensure we do not have this kind of news every month?

I am not here to expressed my dissatisfaction over what happen to me.  I am the lucky ones that has my family members and friends support (even it might towards the later part of the matter).  I was lucky as my little Princess is a cute little girl who has bring so much joy to us here.

Frankly, not many people can be as lucky as I am (I have other stories that family disowned the un-wed mother) but this kind of news are disturbing at times.


  1. Concerning why men don't seem to get the share of the blame as well whenever there's the unwed-mother-with dead-baby type of case, I guess this age-old principle 'rules': Whoever who makes the law will definitely make the law to his/her advantage. So if it is men who make the law, then men will make it to their advantage. Similarly, if women make the law, they will make the law to their advantage too. So for the unwed-mother-with-dead-baby type of case, you can be sure, it's the men who are the law-makers.

  2. Alice.. I agree that the law is siding one side, however even our human mentality is such also!


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