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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What I got from Penang....

My 6th aunt came from Penang for seminar, and as usual, she will normally brings load of stuff for us. This trip, she brought my favourite “durian cake” aka “liu lian kueh” or dodol and some kampung chicken eggs (its 60 eggs).

The liu lian kueh is super nice.. not so sweet and the texture is chewvy also. Very nice. Aunt says it homemade wor.. and before she left for her seminar this morning, she put another one on the table for me.. hurray! Oh, I finally also had durians for the last 2 days! hip hip hooray!

See the eggs.. there are small and yummy!

The dodol... one for me... one for myself... :P


  1. i think i m going to buy durian this evening.. i beh tahan already.. hahaa...dodol also i love to eat.. why everything also i like ah?

  2. I love to eat dodol too..I can only eat that one every Chinese New Year here in California when friends did some homemade and give to me..

  3. Little prince's mummy.. YES!

    Claire... coz you and I same same.. "wai sek mao" hahhaa...

    Jae..thanks for coming by... do come often ya :)

  4. hi cynthia...been here and reading yr latest post on adrian... but i cant seem to comment anything there... perhaps u hv disabled comments..
    anyway, this is yr own private life and no one , no one has the right to judge u except God... as the bible says.. let him who has no sin, cast the first stone... well, all of us are not perfect.. as for me, my history is not all white either... mine is very colourful but i do not have the guts to write them in my blog .. :)

  5. Aiyoh, it's been ages that I've not eaten durian kuih loh!

    hmm... thinking of getting one :P

  6. Wonderful Life.. I love durian cake! Aunt coming from Penang again, hmmm.. shd ask her to bring somemore! muahaha..


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