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Monday, June 8, 2009

Yaki Yaki

I think I got to break the link of my story for a while and blog for other stuffs. My brother and his GF brought Princess and myself to this restaurant just to have a weekend outing.

I browse through the www, and noticed that the restaurant is having 30% discount for dinner, and it cost RM63.75 nett per person. Its much cheaper than Jagoya and Tenji so we decided to go there for dinner.

The restaurant has lesser variety compared to Jagoya (maybe coz of the pricing also) but still a full of food. Its something different from our usual buffet style as this you can enjoy barbeque-ing My bro is the person who did all the bbq work while me and the GF go search for food.

It serves Japanese raw food and hand roll too.. it has fresh oyster in the row. The seafood are also very fresh and nice. The marinated meats are something not to be miss too. Here some pictures from the top of the charcoal stove!

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