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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

After having the electronic “helper”…

I blog about my little Princess having this when she turns 5 months old recently, being it can ease myself and I can have more time for others..

So, what else did I do beside blogging?  I have done quite a good completion of my accounts (counting down the number of files left, which then I can collect $$), baking, cooking… and I cleared up 1 big cabinets of empty containers… 1 drawers of cooking utensils and makan utensils…

I baked a birthday cake (for diabetic) as requested by a close friend for her dad’s birthday, I bake another cake also suitable for diabetic for trial, I bake sausage bun for my family members… I cook lontong sayur…  mee suah soup…

Due to  Post “mummy” symptom I forgot to snap a photo of the birthday cake.. but I have the others here to be shown…



DSC00337 DSC00341


DSC00356  DSC00357


DSC00353    DSC00354


It was already near to 10.30pm when I did the sausage roll, therefore bit ugly with the rolling.. muahhaha… :)  but it tasted nice and it’s gone within mere hour… :)

The cake also taste good, as commented by my friend and her family members  :)  I am glad they enjoyed it, or else the daddy will not be able to have cake for his celebration.. :)

The mee suah soup was done at the last minute when I am hungry and found my fridge has fish paste and also minced meat.. mix altogether, and have a nice meal too… (I am nowadays bit lazy, only want to cook “yat wok sok” and it’s easier for me)… :)

And the lontong sayur is for today… muahahha…

See, I can now start the cooking life again with the help of my “electronic cradle” as it took away my need to be around swinging my little Princess  :D

It will be more cooking posts ya.. ;)


  1. wow..cynthia.. u got magic wand at home ah? aiyoh. makes me very jeles la.. hahha.. so clever .. esp the sausage buns some more.. the one who sweeps u off the feet will be one blessed guy!
    looking at yr posts make me feel so inadequate.. :(

  2. I love lontong...yum!

  3. i love yat wok sok too.... dump everything...

  4. Just wondering hw the taste of the cake for diabetic person..izit tasteless???........
    Wei.. sausage roll is my favaourite...yum...yum....

  5. Claire.. magic wand? just got someone to help me swing my Princess.. heheh.. :) very helpful liao.. inadequate coz you didn't bake sausage roll ah? siao!

    Mei Teng, come I cook for you...

    Rachel... yup, senang only...

    Mummy Ryan.. won't tasteless coz will have nuts and raisins.. and also it will have the artificial sugar to replace it.. next time when you crave for sausage roll, you let me know, I bake for you.. :)

  6. Hi Sis,
    I wan the recipies for the sausage bun... can send to me or not leh

  7. sis.. ok.. I blog abt it.. :)


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