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Thursday, July 2, 2009


When I was pregnant with Princess, food has never come cross my path as a crave.. Unlike some pregnant friends, who insisted on wanton mee at wee hours, fried hokkien mee in the early morning and so forth, I do not have. (maybe coz nobody to manja, better not and make myself lagi difficult) muahhaa… so, overall lucky preggy journey.. no hard time.. :)

When I used to work before the birth of Princess, whenever we are stressed, me and my colleague will crave for fried chicken! Not those KFC or McD type, but those you can get from the mamak or Malay mixed rice stall. We will buy just the chicken (and mind you, the chicken is more expensive than buying a pack of rice hoh)

Last 2 weeks, I craved for a week of this fried chicken! and having it twice in a week from the pasar malam! so contented and happy liao.. and I can ask my little brother to go get for me.. muahaha… :) lucky mum was in India, and I don’t have to cook.. so, eat out and have fried chicken lor.. :D

And right after the birth of Princess till now, I am craving for really sweet stuff… I used to only had dark chocolate and now, I only want to have milk chocolate and better those with nuts and stuff… not just chocolates, I will have really sweet Ribena too! I don’t really take sweet stuffs but now is like.. the sweeter the better…hmmm…

I had not had sweet stuff for about 6 months during my preggy (I found out I am experiencing Gestational Diabetes when about 5 months preg), maybe after all the avoiding, now its time to makan cukup cukup? :p

So, what is your crave?


  1. Sometimes I craved for chocolate too but I can control my craving. Have to because too much sugar is not good for health. Take care :):)

  2. I also did not crave for food during my pregnancy, but I had a very bad morning sickness.
    How about you?

  3. Hi Cynthia, my craving is to eat pasembur, poh pia and oh chien at Penang's Gurney Drive. And ice kachang too.
    You stay easy and have a nice day, Lee.

  4. hi Cynthia, I am one weird bean...i hardly have any special cravings for food...even during pregnancy..I ate a lot and I still do but no specific craving...:)

  5. Molly... cannot resist on Chocolates la... :p

    Joanne... I got a very smooth pregnancy journey.. nothing happen de... :)

    Uncle Lee... wah, those food is difficult to get in Canada! Maybe one day you back in Penang, then you should enjoy yourself and indulge in it... you have a nice day too!

    Contentedmom.. wow, you are good la...

  6. Last Saturday I crave for something sweet and off I went to Mark & Spencer!! Mistake! Bought a bag each of eclairs and toffee, 4 different types of biscuits AND...

    whallop nearly the whole bag of eclairs! Felt so satisfied and happy after that.

    The next day, felt guilty and hit the gym. Boy, I kept grumbling as I push myself on the cross trainer.. I WILL NOT EAT EVER AGAIN.

    and now.. I am nibbling on the rich tea cream fingers that I bought.. sigh.. sinful! sinful! Ok! Ok! hitting the gym after work!!

  7. Pearls.. tell me about that... but now coz I am Breastfeeding my baby, I can afford some sweets la.. after that, don't think so la...

  8. i totally forgot what food did I crave during my pregnancy :)
    any where, I am craving for durian now haha

  9. Mummy Moon... I had durian last week! so happy... ;)


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