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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally finish my reports

I have not got time to look into my blog for 2 days.  Been busy with the early month report (which is something I can do at home and earn some $$).  This report will have to be ready and email to the respective person by 5th of every month.

So happy when I email these reports out just now at 00:12 and can go ahead to do my blogs and also answer some comments.  And I can start my blogs visit too!  :)

Now, from tomorrow onwards, will be back to the accounts and I hope I can finalise it by this month, and get paid! yeah yeah!

Meantime, Merryn has introduced me to this new forum, which I have sign up and started with it.  If you have gone to the MyLot and have sign up, you can look for me here.  So, I hope I don’t get too much addicted as Facebook, but if it does, nevermind la, I also try to make some money also ma… :)

My first day at work (after 4 months sitting at home) was good.  This is the first time I ever had a Male Boss! haha.. finally… :)  I am not complaining that female bosses are bad, just that once a while for a change, not bad also ma.. :)

My next consideration is whether I should buy the UBS accounting system and use it for my accounting work.. Its another a thousand investment there.. hmmm… Anybody using UBS and got any comment to share?


  1. Juz wondering what job u doin?

  2. MeRy, I am now doing some freelance accounting work and prepare some reporting stuff.. just to earn a living la..

    Horlic.. cannot say as Accountant, more towards accounts clerk.. muahaha.. :)

  3. Ah jie..there is another software call MYOB...you should compare with UBS..

  4. have no idea about UBS... so you are in accounts line?

  5. Hope things are moving well with you. Good for you and keep it up !

  6. starting work again? yayy for u! hope everything goes well! ;)

  7. All the best to your new venture, and stay strong ya?

    Wishing you a great week ahead,,,

  8. so u've got a job heh?? how abt princess, who help u to take care of her? good luck yeah...

  9. YY... will check that out la.. :) TQ

    Mummy Moon.. yup, back to accounting after long years of leaving it behind..

    Elaine.. thanks

    BabyBooned.. thanks...

    Eugene.. TQ :)

    Jeacss... stay at home and work.. preparing accounts only :) meantime jaga anak lor :p

  10. You're very lucky to be able to get some accounts work to do at home.

  11. Shireen, yup, all thanks to supporting friends.

  12. Good to hear that you had a good time on your first day of work.

    I wonder is there any pirated UBS software..hehe. Bad mommy hor.

  13. Joanne.. hehee.. I have try Google, but don't have lei.. :p

  14. Is it ar? I tried to ask my elder sis. I remembered she told me once.

  15. thanks... if got, then I will be happy happy lor.. muahaha...


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