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Friday, July 17, 2009

Heong Peah – Ipoh Vs Teluk Intan

I have quite a number of relatives staying up north in Penang, Ipoh and Teluk Intan.  Every time they are here for a visit, or if we are back there for holidays, we will sure buy the “heong peah”.  Recently at the same time, I have both the Ipoh and Teluk Intan “heong peah” at home and after trying out, I have the following findings:-


Sin Guan Hoe

Yee Hup


Teluk Intan


Outer Layer



Inner Layer

More Caramel

Less Caramel

Yee Hup has more layer with its dough, therefore when eating, it will start to drop of.  It will also have bits and bits of the biscuits dropping if you are not careful.

Which is more a preference for me?  I prefer to have the one from Teluk Intan which is softer and more caramel inside.. hehe  :)

How I eat “heong peah”?  My mum always says I am bit “gila” with the way I eat it last time.  I will peel off the outer layer, and eat the caramel first before eating the “skin”.  I love the caramel!

So, anyone here favours “heong peah” too?


  1. the one i ate from Teluk Intan is the tiger brand one..not bad... i feel the ipoh yee hup sweeter.. i prefer more skin than caramel.. hehee...opposite of u..

  2. Me too... I prefer the skin than caramel!

  3. Oops, i like heong pei,but one setback though,it always get stuck between my teeth,troublesome lah.

    hey, have a great weekend,ya

  4. i like yee hup's :D my sister just got me a packet from ipoh :D

  5. I like it too!

    I think there's another brand besides yee hup from Ipoh. I forgotten the name already. :P

  6. Claire.. i like both actually... :p

    Cindy... :)

    Eugene.. it's time for your dentist visit...

    Barb... :) enjoy your heong peah

    Wonderful Life... actually quite a few, just that I got these 2 brands at the same time :)

  7. I prefer Ipoh one.. more heong peah's taste!


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