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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Homemade Mooncake for sale

My mum and I used to bake mooncakes and give it to our relatives, however this year, I don’t think so. I am considering to bake for sale instead. I have full confidence with the mooncakes that I have been baking, as this is the recipe from my mum.

I am planning to bake / make the following for sale:-

1) Single Egg Yoke Lotus Mooncakes – RM40.00 for 4 pieces (a box)

2) Mixed Nuts Mooncakes – RM35.00 for 4 pieces (a box)

3) Dragon Fruit Jelly Mooncakes – Price TBA

4) Mini Ping Pei Mooncakes – Price TBA

It’s now the 6th lunar month, and I have approximately 2 months to take order and plan for the necessary ingredients.

For KL and PJ, I have got someone that willing to do the delivery for me, however for those further than this, I will have to arrange via trustable courier services, which I am in the midst of selecting. For any purchase of above 2 boxes (any type), I will deliver for FREE.. or alternatively, you may collect it from my house.

I can guarantee that the lotus paste are all pure from lotus seeds and not the pre-mix which you can get outside. I never trust those product, as I want pure ingredients in my mooncake.

If you are keen to order, you may email me at cwong77@gmail.com


  1. Prices shown inclusive delivery charges or not? got sampling ka?

  2. hey..can send to ipoh also? or perhaps i go down KL to take? wah..expensive trip..hahaa..anyway, i dont mind if i m going down.. Cynthia, do u bake without egg yolk ? my kids dont like yolks...

  3. got picture to show?
    2. jelly mooncake means all jelly one la??? like q jelly type
    3. got customised mooncake or not? last time i used to order 4 egg yoke in 1 mooncake. now the person who can do it already pass away...

  4. yoo hoo...ok...i must remember to order from you soon :D pls re-post this next mth, ok? :D

  5. Eugene... I can do the sample, but how to pass around ah? BTW, if you have 2 boxes, I will deliver for free to you..

    Claire.. Can send to Ipoh de.. no worry.. but I have yet to check the price for sending.. come KL la, I buy you kopi coz you come collect.. :p and lu punya pasal, I do no yolk for you lor..

    Rachel... no prob de, I can customise for you.. as for the jelly mooncake, it's more the agar agar texture than the QQ type.. Picture to show? OK, I go quick quick to 1 batch..

  6. yerr... i mau makan the jelly type o.. tapi i know hard to send over here. eh, u fast fast show the sample, i ask my ang to order from u larr.. haha :)

  7. Barb.. thanks.. will sure re-post

    Fifi.. thanks.. will do that

  8. Homemade mooncake thats what I'm looking for, sure will order from you...the folks at home like nuts...

    Can the mooncake in a box mix like 2 nuts, 1 pure lotus, 1 lotus with lotus? I prefer customised like that...

  9. *Sorry, I was saying lotus with yolk (not lotus with lotus) :P

  10. lemonjude.. you can mix the mooncake.. but the price will be different of course.. :) I wait for your order ya.. ;)

  11. Cyn, I want to order too coz I don't like the mooncake selling outside. Not sedap lol! Homemade better..:)

    I will email you later.

  12. Cynthia, I really thought to order from you,

    may I know what is "Dragon Fruit Jelly"? I like jelly moon cake too.


    May I know where are you staying?

  13. Brenda!! Nice to see you here!!! I was thinking how are you coping but dare not disturb you yet!!

    Joanne, I make the mooncake from the dragon fruit, and it's a jelly form.. will post the photo and advise the price.. me staying in Happy Garden.. :)

  14. Okay, let me check with my husband which two that we wish to order and I will let you know.

    So if I order two boxes, then you will deliver to my house or the courier co? Will the moon cakes in good condition if delivered by them?

    Mind to share the meaning of TBA? Is it to be adviced?

  15. Wow, I never know that you are so capable in baking Cynthia :) Too bad I'm living so far away. But pls inform us if you are making any CNY cookies, I'll probably be ordering from you, coz I'll be back to M'sia for the celebration.
    Happy Mooncake festival!



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