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Friday, July 3, 2009

How long more to wait ah?

I keep waiting…

You are so eager to meet me on the first day…You keep calling and try to make arrangement…

You came and told us it’s only 4 days…  We are happy to see hear such a quick result.. You say you just need some document to get it done… We follow your request.. No question ask…

Then you sent someone else… He never on time.. He kept us waiting… We got to call you to inform that he is not here yet.. You told us you don’t know about this, and later tell us that the person you sending was drunk the night before and he just got up… So, we waited for his arrival… and we are on the other hand, rushing to airport to send her off..

We manage to get on flight… and she went off… and the rest of us waiting here eagerly… we promise to pick her from the airport with it…

One week gone.. we hear no news from you.. we call you, and only knows that it was delayed.  We are angry, we feel cheated… however, we still continue waiting…

Week over weeks… we keep waiting.. you keep pushing it.. you reminded me on that someone who being irresponsible… how can you guys just not keeping to your words… why like to make us go through all the disappointments?

You keep saying that it’s a problem with the other party, but this is not acceptable.. you should know the procedures…what come first, and follow by what…

However, we were happy beginning of the week when we received your call stating that it will be just mere few more days… and today it’s Friday, and yet, the dream is yet to be materialised…  Why you dumped us again?

This time you are smart, you got someone else to talk to us… but we already lost trust.. if you ever want us to deal with you again?  NO WAY!  We just hope to get our dream come true as soon as possible and cut you off… I won’t even bother to refer anyone to you again!

Please, it’s very inconvenient for us without it….

Now, please pray for the dream to come true fast!


Did I caught anyone again? muahahaha… 


  1. hey cynthia, u buying a new saga? cool leh.. this one i like also.. affordable and nice looking... sleek..

  2. Claire.. not me buying.. $$ don't come from me.. my mum paid but since she was away, so I take over and deal with the car salesman lor..

  3. yes... haha... so funny.. the new SAGA is really nice car leh.. new design..

  4. Ley Mei... funny ah? today I told them, you keep the car la, and the sales man got panic.. muahahha...


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