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Sunday, July 26, 2009

It is back at life!

I don’t have YOU for about a month, I suffer as I can’t afford to be lazy. I have minimal clothes to wear, my baby has got no enough napkins to use. I sprained my back to wash all with my bare hands. Washing took another hour of my time, which I am lack of time to cook, to boil soup, to blog, to even take care of my baby.

I am glad… and Happy… You are back at life! We only spent RM180 to bring you back to life. Wow.. It’s so amazing to have the Washing Machine fixed!

I love you, My Washing Machine! You done my laundry so well, and all the piling up of bed sheets and others are all cleared!!!

The dry spin compared to my hand squeeze is so much of a difference... I always like to flick my clothes so it won't crumble together, and with the machine, I don't end up having a wet face.. heheh... Also, my clothes are practically dry by noon! hurray!

My love, here your beautiful pictures!

DSC00375 DSC00376


  1. the one thing we cannot survive without.... my washing machine has been following me before my eldest son's birth, this makes it 22 years old now.. LONG LIVE HITACHI!! :)

  2. Wihout washing machine at home, is a big headache.\

  3. haha..tot someone you are talking about.. who know is a Washing machine, kakaka! Seriously, too important to have a washing machine, else migrain come again!

  4. eh we got the same washing machine methinks..?!

    this post should be tittled "A Love Letter to My Washing Machine". heheheee

    u didnt have your washing machine for a month?!! die die die!

  5. Hi Cyntha, for a moment I thought...? Ha ha.
    What happened to that hardwood with grooves our grandmothers used to do laundry? Ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  6. Claire... wow, your machine is damn good lei... mine just abt 5 yrs, and got sick liao.. lucky doctor say no big deal, or else kana buy new one..

    MeRy... yes, not just headache, backache too!

    Richard.. Hi5!

    Horlic.. cannot be someone alive right? not that serious till migrain la, just my back is splitting into 2 lor...

    BabyBooned... haha.. ya hoh, never thought of that... no worry, still alive now.. hehe..

    Uncle Lee.. that hardwood is not being hang up high as I got the machine doing the work now... haha... you have a nice week ahead..

  7. I really like the way you lamented about your "mesin pencuci pakaian" so interesting.

    I guess sometimes it is good for us to miss something for a while,, then going back as something like what you wrote..........

    take care now, and have a great week ahead

  8. Eugene, yes, it's a good thing that it came alive.. or else I am dead maybe :)

  9. Yeh! A very good "helper" at home has finally came back..hehe.

  10. Joanne.. you never know how thankful I am nowadays... heheh..


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