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Monday, July 13, 2009

Like that also can ah… Episode No 1

My ex are amazing, so do a good friend acquaintance of mine.. Why I say amazing?  Coz I never know beside my ex that has betrayed my trust, my love and my care, another good friend person indeed can do this too, and it’s not once but twice!

This may be a very long story, depends on how much details I want to post…

Let me start by giving a brief description of how I know NH.  NH was a colleague whom we worked together back 12 years ago.  During that time, we are in different subsidiary, and our office is just next to each other.  Since I stayed near to NH, I will ask if she wanted a lift home every time after work.  We have gradually get closer because of this.  We spend most of our time together during weekends, and sometimes she would invite me home for dinner.  She will then also come to my house for dinner at times.  She will addressed me in front of everyone as “sister”.

I resigned from the Company, and left for Singapore.  Not long after, NH joined me and we have been staying together for at least a year in the same room.  This even make us closer.  Since we are close friends, hence we spend most of our time in Singapore together too.  We knows each other friends, working colleagues and others. 

We are not calculative over the money we spend together, and we used to joke if we need to calculate, we will need to buy a piece of cloth to write coz no any book can accommodate all the figures. 

Anyway, things goes on and NH left Singapore earlier than me.  She came back for good while I stayed back as I am also holding the PR there.  I came back for good after the death of my dad.  NH was there for me when my dad departed to another world, and she has been very concern about me too.

When I came back to KL, I was without a job.  My previous job has got some relation with NH, at least my boss (S) is a friend of her.  Anyway, NH will keep telling people that I owe it to her for being able to get a job, and she had done me a big favour.  So, I got my first pay, I treat her for dinner together with my boss too.

NH and I go to work everyday as we worked in the same building too!  and we left work at the same time as well.  Since we both take public transport, we normally hitch a lift from another friend, JT. 

This friendships remain in good shape till one day, I have some minor changes, and added new friends in my circle.  NH seems not very happy with this, and we gradually have different ways.  I also started to have late working hours, and can never go home together with her anymore. 

One day, I don’t know why, our friendship turns sour.  She started to distance herself (which I really got myself so busy at work, and I did not see the reason of this distance).  And her Company decided to move out from the current place to another area.  This will also means that we will not be seeing each other that often.

So, during last CNY in year 2008, NH spent a day gather in my S house with some other schoolmates of them (NH and S are schoolmates) and NH spent a good time “storying” the group about me.  All about me being heartless, me being indebted, me being the bad girl, me being the one that don’t appreciate friendship and so forth…

And these “stories” have gotten me quite a fair bit of explanation to S, which later came to office and asked me about it.  S asked what happen, which I really don’t know till now.  I did not know how I offended her, I did not know how I get her so pissed…

Since then, we do not talk to each other any more.  We are not in contacts any further, however if we see each other, we just say hi and bye.  I just do not want to have anymore incidents to do with her, so that she cannot use my ‘story’ for her friends ‘kaypo’ concern topics.

So, here I got myself betrayed misunderstood me once, however, the biggest blow is the one recently happen…

I think I need to split this into 2 part, as it’s getting longer and longer…


  1. NH has got to learn to grow up. Life changes.

  2. i too have a best fren.. we still are.. though many times we might have squabbled and stopped talking to each other many times..
    when i know she is angry, i let her cool down for at least a week or so then only i called her back ... i even blogged about her few times.. :) but so far, she never betray me...and i hope she never will as i will never betray her too..
    betrayal is losing of trust and friendship will turn sour...
    but it is good to ask her or let her explain.. if possible.. if u still want to maintain the friendship ..

  3. Cath, no everybody can take changes and adapt to it...

    Claire... No point to talk anymore, not once but twice is enough. The more I talk to her, the more she think I really "need" her..


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