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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, I kena!

Count it a lucky day la ah…

I am not a frequent buyer, hence even if it came out, I will just sighed over it, but no to the extend of being “sum tong” aka heartache.

Yesterday, mum ask to go buy wor, since the new member of the family has arrived.  I happily drove her out for a short distance, find a parking lot (wah, when it’s near to 6.30pm, I am sure it’s full of people).  Just pray that when I arrive, there be someone done their business and leave, so I can have a parking lot.  Otherwise, should I illegal double park?

Quite lucky, when I arrived there, someone leaving the place, and nice parking lot.  Park the car.. look around for the lesser crowd… and make a decision… WHERE?  Where?

The yellow colour shop is definitely out, as the crowd is huge… just have to decide between the white and red… Go to the red shop la… I am the 2nd one in queue.  I have the list written at home so I know what to buy…  Ok, kao tim (chop chop karipop) now go home…

It was at about 9pm, when my little Princess is asleep… go check it out… I am not good in seeing too many set of numbers, so I use the tab at the side and check out if I kena… one by one.. all to the drain…

EH… wait wait… got one number similar lei…. OK, kena liao… but what is the payout ah?  cepat cepat go check… guess?  RM3!  (Not even enough to cover losses) but still kena right… still got to go red shop and collect the winning stake…

But, isn’t this a good day? muahaha… Those reading this, no treat coz it’s too small a stake… (after taking deducting the rest of “drain number” I still loss hoh) but when the big ones come (see if I enter that shop again la ah) then I will let you guys know again…

Will you pray for me to kena or you kena? muahaha…


  1. Kena lottery? Only rm3 so little?

  2. Not bad la...rm3,at least u kena oh..

  3. not bad, at least kena. could be signs of more good things to come.

  4. at first..i tot i can "kidnap" this young mama here.. but after reading, 3rm nia? no need la.. haha... buy one packet of rice also not enough.. hahaha...

  5. 3 bucks very little but at least kena before. I only kena number but never kena money cos i dun buy wan. haha

  6. Richard.. haha... my first time.. :)

    Mummy Moon... ya lor, last number on consolation price

    MeRy.. ya lor, must have a start right?

    Elaine.. hope so :)

    Claire.. kidnap me ah? don't la, my baby later very chai leong de...

    Sasha... haha... :)

  7. hehehehe... ok laaa rm 3 is better than nothing! but biasa lah.. once kena for sure we wish for a bigger number, right?

  8. better luck next time, at least u kena RM3, for the petrol. hahaha!

  9. Congrats!

    You are very lucky Cynthia. I never kena too.

  10. BabyBooned.. yup, standard wishes.. but damn difficult to come true..

    Irene.. thanks... :)

    Joanne.. you never buy ma.. :p

  11. Ei, I did leh. I bought few times, I tumpang my mom one..But still tak kena.


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