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Monday, July 20, 2009

Post “mummy” symptom

I am a mummy for 5 months now, and I think I am having some memory loss problem already… sigh…

You see, I was supposed to blog on some stuff, and I forgot about it…

I am supposed to buy some baking ingredient, but when I reached the shop, I got to think harder than ever of what to buy…

I am supposed to take the photo of my “first” cake baked for business, and yet, I let the cake taken away without having it snap a photo…

I heated up some soup, and once my little Princess needed attention, I forgot to switch of the fire, and it when dry…

These are only a few things which I tend to forget nowadays.. and I hope I don’t forget how to do my accounts, how to do my baking and how to take care of my Princess…

Muahahaha… some people tell me this is a post “mummy” symptom, which due to our super concentration with our child, we tend to forget there are others living things in the world… charm lor… how ah?  Go buy gingko and “po” a bit first…

Well, don’t worry, I won’t let this symptom sink in… now, I will go and switch off the gas (even the heating is not done) and continue later… muahahhaa… 


  1. Cynthia, i got such symptom also o..how larr? can cure arr?

  2. Me too hv tis symptom..some said cz we c-sect mummy...:)

  3. this is so common. Please don't end up like me, my toaster caught fire !
    Strangely, we won't forget things abt our kids, how many times and what time they poo, what they eat ... how much milk or water they drink.

  4. lets shake hands.. sama dengan I... but most importantly, dont forget to blog.. dont forget US! hahahhaa...

  5. Fifi.. I also don't know how to cure.. me just trying to control only... muahaha

    Mummy Ryan... is it? sigh... now is like "short term memory loss"

    Elaine... yet to see that happen... muahhaha... and ya lor, we never forget about our kids hoh...

    Claire.. don't worry, that time is damn serious liao... :p

  6. Memory loss problems? Yes me too having this :(
    I am so mong cha cha about my own stuff, but come to anything related to my kids, I am super good ! LOL

  7. Eee i think all mummies have it cos I do too!!!! I can't even remember what i did yesterday sometimes. hehehhh

  8. Scientifically proven that our brain shrinks when we are pregnant....you have to build it up again!!! :)

    Wish we could select the part of our brains we don't want to rememeber anmore huh!

  9. Mummy Moon & Eva.. let's Hi5!!

    Ann, thanks for the explanation, and I would wish we can just be like the PC, where we can highlight the part of memory to be deleted or loss irretrievable.. muahaha

    Ibu Addin dan nasa.. salam kenal ya.. :)

  10. You bake cakes to sell too? Yup, for every child you bear, you tend to lose your memory.

  11. Shireen.. not really that I am into it yet.. just that a friend paid me to bake a cake for his dad due to the special circumstances... :)

  12. I remembered I was reading a mommy's blog that talking about the same issue or problem. So Cynthia, you are not alone..hehe.

    I am also very forgetful and I always said that I am MCC (Mong Cha Cha).

    For items that you wish to buy, maybe you need to list it down. My hubby does that too..hehe.

  13. Joanne.. ya.. nowadays have to jolt down what to buy and bring the list to shop.. cham lor..


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