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Monday, July 6, 2009

What a day

I don’t know what happen today, somehow seems to be very very busy.. I only manage to get my lunch ready by about 2pm, and then only got time to bath.

Today is really busy busy… I manage to get to my laptop only at 2.30pm (usually at 9am), and started the blogging much later.  As I have move my laptop away from Princess, now I got to also walk a bit from my working table to the hall where the little one sleeping in her sarong. 

Every time she cry, I will have to walk and give her some cradle move.  My mum says this is because she feels hot, and wanted the move to cool her down.  hah?  she already got a fan blowing directly on her lei… trust me, very soon, my mum will ask me to move her into the air-cond room… see la…

Even my bath time was cut to 5 mins only, coz the little one was making noise and I can hear her from the hall to the bathroom!  The water supply also has a sign of disruption and I have to mix both the heater and tangki water in a pail, in order to bath fast!

I skipped my milk and had 2 half boil kampung eggs, and 3 sausages.  Then had a bowl of fried noodle with lala for lunch.. I only manage to get the soup in the charcoal about 11am (normally by 10am). 

And while I blog on this post, the water supply was back to normal.. EERrrr! geramnya!  Ok, back to my accounts now… :p


  1. hey you are doing well, still have time to boil soup using charcoal. When I was alone home with Amber for first few months, dinner was horrible. I told hubs his dinner is an indication how well baby behave for the day. Good day, good dinner. Lousy day, lousy dinner ! hahaha..
    I use slow cooker for lazy and busy days and pressure cooker for super busy days !

  2. Elaine.. I prefer charcoal leh, coz taste better... :p I tried slow cooker previously, but don't like the taste... muahaha...

  3. really an efficient WAHM!! how i wish i can work at home and getting the same pay too..hahaa..

  4. Claire.. wait long long ah.. same pay? I only taking 30% of what I used to earn nowadays, but hopefully when times come I can get more clients lor..

  5. Hi Cynthia, wow, you are busy, no time to bathe, ha ha.
    Don't let your kid control you...once they learn they can make you panic when make noises, its habis cherita....babies are smarter than we realize.
    Anyway, you stay easy.....hang on, what is kampong egss? Small eggs? Cheap?
    That is a heavy lunch you had too, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.

  6. that's a life with kiddo, i remember last december when i was alone with the 2 monster.. i did not have lunch at all ! becoz i rather watch tv than have lunch.. cooking lunch is really time consuming for me.. haha..

  7. Once little princess start to crawl + walk then lagi u feel super duper tired cz every time need to chase after her...ha ha..:)
    BTW motherhood life really enjoyable..although sometimes really tiring..:)

  8. Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for the advise... yes, the kampung eggs are those small small ones... not cheap here, and not easy to get too!

    Ley Mei, I agree! but still need to cook lor.. :p

    Mummy Ryan... yup, its getting the hit now..

  9. One thing that most of the mommies have to sacrifice...Cutting down the bathing time :-) I am lucky now as sometimes my husband will help to take care Sarah so I could bathe a lil longer.

    If Breanna is ok with those sarung that got hole hole one, maybe it will make her feel more cozy.
    Just my 2cents:-)

  10. Joanne.. thanks.. I looking forward to have my bath time longer in future.. muahaha.. :)


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