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Friday, July 24, 2009

What will be your reaction?

If someone called you a bitch, what reaction will you have?

This happen to me when I was working in Starbucks Singapore.  It happen on one of the eve of Public Holiday, and a few days before my Birthday! 

I was under a night schedule, and when I step into the store, I was bit upset due to the partners (baristas) arrangement as I was given a very new partner, and he was still “grabah” to handle big crowd and on top of that, 1 partner did not turn up to work. Since it’s an eve of Public Holiday, I am sure there will be a large crowd.  Anyway, I just put on my apron and when around to start work…

At about 8pm, I saw a group of “executives” walk in to my store and joyfully sitting in the dining area.  I told another partner not to go for her break yet, till this group of customers order their drink and we have served them.  However after waited for half an hour, no sign of buying any drinks.  In my heart, maybe waiting for friend…

So, I let my partner out for her half break (30 minutes), and while having her break, one of the ‘gang’ came over and bought just 1 ice latte.  I signalled my partner to continue her break since it’s only 1 drink.  After another 15 minutes, it’s almost hitting 9pm, and the crowd is getting more and more. 

I approached this group of “executive” having a total 13 of them, and what I saw on the table was 13 cups of free water provided by Starbucks, 1 can of green tea, and 1 can of chrysanthemum tea.  Wah.. tahan… I got to give my best customer service.. I offered to do a table service (bear in mind, there is no this kind of service in Starbucks), I am prepared to take their order and later deliver to their table.  All they need to only give me a credit card. 

Guess what they told me, they say they are still waiting for friends!!!  Wah, damn angry la… but still tahan… I told them they have been here for more than 45 minutes and no drinks bought.. one of this cheapskate man have the nerve to raise his drink up and say, “I got one drink wat”!  Wah, na beh.. I pun suan them a bit la.. I told them for 13 of them, they are not going to just share a Ice Latte right?

Then, one of them say they will come to the counter.. OK, I walk back to my counter then.. While walking back, I heard “pling ling pang lang”.. this group of “executives” leaving wor… Aiya, nvm la, no mood liao.. just walk back to arrange the seats la.. and suddenly, one lady was brushing over me.. and she pass a remark  “What a bitch”…

OH… like that ah… I rush to the glass door, tap on her shoulder…







And I told her… “thanks mam.. not easy to be a bitch nowadays”… and I just SMILE… hehhee….

You can imagine how her face look like?  charcoal also kalah ah… :) 

and you all must think I am crazy right, being called a bitch also I say thank you… but for me BITCH stands for:-

B  -  Beauty

I  -  Intelligent

T  -  Talented

C  -  Charming

H  -  Horny!!!

ooi.. people praise me with 5 strong good points with just a word.. of course have to say thank you right…

Right after the public holiday, my HQ received complain letter about me… muahahhaa….

HQ called to ask for clarification, I just ask HQ, what would you do if you are called BITCH?

HQ did apologised la (corporate trick) but the customer dare not turn up!!! muahahha….


  1. wah..u very geng chow la... i remember a fren telling me..he said if someone calls u names or make negative remarks, just say thank you... and it will piss that person off.. well, now i believe him.. u did just that...hahaha..

  2. not easy to work as a frontliner..

  3. Claire.. actually I damn angry de.. but must maintain ma.. if I call her back names, isn't I am just behaving like her? MOron..

    Rachel.. but it's fun!

  4. Good one...I appreciate your patience.

  5. Jarlin Paul.. thanks for coming by.. :)

  6. hahaha.... i like the B_I_T_C_H acronym that you came up with. You're very creative :)

  7. Not easy to handle such unreasonable customer. I work in the bank too as cust svc officer at call ctr...sometimes early morning already kena complain call and kena scold by customer...such a bad day!! Spoil my moood...But still have to be patience.

  8. Kev.. it's not me who came up with the acronym.. it's from a friend of mine though... :)

    MeRy.. yup, it's worse if it's early in the morning!

  9. huauhauahuaha.. u are soo hillarious okay, cynthia! i worked in the service industry after spm more than 10 years ago and also for a year in melbourne, and having specialised in marketing myself.. let me just summarise one thing.. to me that saying "the customer is always right" is bull!! the customer aint always right! but the trick is in the way you treat the customer who's being a pain in the arse. :p and i think u did just fine. heheee

  10. what an unpleasant situation u'd encountered...but u really handled it well :)
    not everyone can 'tahan' like that...but thks we all learnt somethg here!!

  11. BabyBooned.. thanks for the complementary ya.. :) I was being coached in doing my best to satisfy my customers.. but since she has not buy anything.. she is not one!

    Jacss.. hehehe.. nvm, I am very good in tolerance.. see the way I handle my ex!

  12. That lady still dare to complaint about you...so muka tebal!

  13. Joanne.. ya la.. but after that didn't see her appearing in my store again... really "mo ka kau"


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