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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was browsing the net, and I believe many people have come to this website of 15Malaysia.

There are some films showing in this site, and I am having some of it here..


It’s going to be the Merdeka soon again, and I can tell that not many people looking forward for this celebration except for the public holidays.. woo hoo.. long weekend this week…


  1. you know there are still people making big fuss about few of these 15 malaysia, short films,, one being the potong saga..

    looks like there are those who cant tell the difference between fun and no fun,

    take care my friend

  2. At times, I ngeri juga nak tengok all these kind of videos. Takut salah faham dan menimbulkan isu perkauman. That's why I prefer to watch cartoons!

  3. Eugene.. yup, but the potong saga is bit extreme la.. but it's still fun to watch...

    MamaFaMi.. betul jugak, cartoon lagi senang nak paham kan..

    wenn.. hehehe.. more to come..

    恩轩至佳... you watch then you know lor..

  4. But I do not understand what is the flim "chocolate' trying to say?? Do you??


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