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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aaargggg! where is my blog list gone??

See la, itchy hand can never be cured!

I find my blog bit clustering nowadays with more and more stuff that I put in.. and I went around looking for a 3 column layout to replace what I am currently having.. but after trying on it, I abort the idea and just keep the one I am having.. just for 1 simple reason…


and guess what.. after some exploration, my 2 blogrolls indeed went missing!  Aaargggg.. now, I got to go all over again to have it back! and since it happen.. please keep an eye for my new layout ya!  It will be up very soon…


Hopefully I got a peaceful weekend, and I can go do my blog properly… tu la, mummy always say, the hand don’t itchy.. once itchy, sure got things that crop up…

Oh, I better not touch my Princess blog.. or else, I have double work to do… sei lar, how ah?

Anyone here has change their blog layout without losing all the blog list?  please help…



  1. hahaha.. i kena like u before.. my list went missing ..kaput.. u know what i did the 2nd time? i copied one by one to the ms word .. 2 pages and all..but now still lying there.. i didnt add back to my blogroll.. sigh..so lazy... i guess the old list has gone and make way for the new one.. here are my bloggies, made easier for u..just copy and paste.. :)


  2. how about moving back to the new layout theme(3 column)? then move all the stuff back to one column and switch back to old one column layout.

  3. everytime i change a blog layout...the blog list (reading list) will disappear. even copy n paste dont work..have to manually add...

  4. Thans claire.. I didn't lost yours coz it's in Princess blog...

    wonderful life.. cannot revert already... gone.. pooff..

    Rachel.. ya lor... sianz

    Wenn.. it's ok, I just have to add one by one again..


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