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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baked Mooncake

I finally got the first round of my mooncake baked yesterday (27 Aug 2009) and with the new oven.. *but too bad, this over is just over heated even with just 1 round of baking, and it’s BRAND NEW!!’  I blog about this oven in another post.. and frankly, I am not happy with the person who promote this to my mum…

Back to the mooncake.. I have the following pictures compile for your eyes…

Mooncake I have 2 kind of filings this year i.e. the mung beans and lotus paste.. and also included 2 new moulds, i.e. mouse and Minnie

I am not very happy with the outcome for this first time baking with the new oven, and coming will have to get someone to fix it before I can continue.. I hope I could be on time to finish baking my orders..

Please please GOD, don’t torture me that way.. give me some peace in life, and let me finish all this work that I have to do.. I am running out of time!


  1. 2nd time should be better..happy baking..

  2. you said that they are not so like mickey and mini mouse but i could see the features quite clearly thou. nice boxes too btw! and i wonder how do you make the red spot on the moon cake. they look scrumptious! do you sell them? =)

  3. Things will get better soon :) Hang in there :)

  4. Hey you bake the mooncake and sell ah? You terror leh. By the way, what oven you are using? I am planning to get one new one. The old one is too small.


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