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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baking yet again.. and this time, with a new toy

My mum was at the Maybank Treatfair, and had a good exciting day shopping… and my mum got this redeem from one of the exhibitor:-

Deng Deng Deng Deng…


My New Toy! A Kenwood K-mix Mixer

I now got to bake more… and with this, I can have lots more exciting baking adventures… I used to have a hand mixer only… My next batch of chocolate chips cookies will be much easier…

Now, I can let the mixer run by itself while I prepare for other stuff… shiok man… Thanks my mummy.. Breanna’s grandma… And I bake this cake using this new toy for the first time for my cousin Carmen’s 21st birthday!

The cake I bake…

DSC00405 DSC00404

This cake is the outcome.. and the taste of the cake bit sweet due to the icing I use.. and I will try to reduce the sugar level… overall, still nice to shove in the mouth la…hahaha….

My the other attempt doing my cheesecake fail jor.. coz the cheese is not harden enough and when I leave it in the freezer, it turn out to be like ice cream instead of a cheesecake.. this is the first time I fail my baking! *sob sob*

Nevermind.. I try again and again….


  1. yes, do try..never say die or give up... dont worry, i will help u eat up if u cannot.. hahaha...

  2. Hi Cynthia, any of the cake left? Should go well with iced coffee, ha ha.
    You have fun, best regards, Lee.

  3. ur cake does look good. i wish i hv the cool mixer too!

  4. hey, yr mom is so cool... looking forward to more baking post from you !

  5. Wah...but cheesecake ice cream also ok mah! In fact you have not failed...but created a NEW RECIPIE!!!

  6. Wah!
    Lost of words!.... huhuhu... really excited to see your new toy. If only it's mine!

  7. Wow, I like your new toy. Wish I could have one. Happy baking ya...and I look forward to more of your baking post :)

  8. Dear Cynthia, never give up.
    Practice makes perfect!
    All the best and have a wonderful time with your new toy!

  9. Claire.. you byk jauh la.. let's me have you son address in KL, I send to him ok... then if he put on weight, you don't marah me ah...

    Uncle Lee.. thanks.. and the cake was up on that day itself..

    Miche.. thanks.. and yes, the mixer is super cool..

    Elaine.. my mum cool lei.. of coz lor, she also want to eat ma...

    Ann... thanks for that... but I don't know how to make that again... :p

    MamFami... belum nak sampai tahap mama yet..

    Fussy Mum... sure sure... will be up next is the mooncake post

    Iriene... thanks.. and yes, enjoying it..

  10. Very soon, you can even bake cakes and cookies to sell!

  11. Try try again. I am sure you'll get it right again :)

  12. wahhhhhhh!

    nice cake and nice toy!!

    how i wish i got one too...some to sponsor me one...,sigh, dream on la.
    *sob sob*

  13. MeRy.. thanks..

    Shireen.. I am going to bake my ever first batch of mooncake for sale..

    Mei Teng.. thanks for the encouragement...

    Wonderful Life.. hehehe.. all thanks to my mummy and me chalking up our credit card over the years

  14. Fuiyo your mixer so canggih looking! I can read the future Cynthia.. and I read that in the near future, you'll have a new blog.. all on your cooking and baking and all things sweet! or sour, or saltish or bitter.. hahahaha.. watever!

  15. Merryn.. hehe.. will try to do more of my baking / cooking posts... muahaha... and keep look out of my another new toy..

  16. Phiewwww Weet! Kenwood brand wor. Sure it helps you a lot in baking.


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