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Monday, August 24, 2009

Blogging Experience

I am a reader of Eugene’s blog, and in this post he wrote on his blogging experience.. and inviting everyone to share theirs too..

1)  How did you start blogging, what was your one driving factor?

I started blogging, when I was sitting at home, taking care of my little Princess, and just wanted to jolt down all her growth development.  Then later, I have another blog for myself, which for me to note my journey of life and activities.

2)  What was your happiest blogging experience?

When I see my visitor counter change every time I read my blog.

3)  What was your most frustrating blogging experience?

After I did my post, and I can upload it to the blog.. applies the same as my photos too!

4)  Have you made any good friends out of your blogging friends who were previously not your friends?

Yes, I do.. I had got  lots of new friends when I started blogging.

5)  What was the rudest comment you ever received?

So far, none of my readers has done that.. and I am lucky to get nice readers…

6)  Have you thought of giving up blogging?

Not at the moment, since I just started it not long ago.. and I hope I could continue doing it..

7)  Do you consider yourself a blog junkie?

My blog contains my rant, my jokes, my everything.. so, yes.. it’s a junk blog where I dump all my stuff here.. but I love it! 

8)  What is just one thing pleasant you wish could happen to your blog?

My blog will automatically give me an idea what to write.. heheh..

9)  If i say blogging is more about passion rather than commission($$$$),do you agree?

Maybe I do not blog for commission, therefore it’s more passion than commission, and I think this applies to everyone who blog, since if one don’t have the passion, one may not find the ‘skill’ to blog for commission too.

10)  Please recommend to us 2 bloggers' blog which you feel that we should not miss..

I think everyone in my blog roll are blogs that you should not miss.. and I hope everyone enjoys reading it.


How about you?  Feel free to share yours, if you would like to do this.. and you can have this as a post if you fall into ‘blog blank’… hehehe… enjoy..


  1. He ha,, i am the first commentor here again,, but on a serious note, i truly appreciate that you still remember about this crazy Q & A of mine...

    i really hope your bloggers there will not be too bored answering them,,,

    thanks you so much for being my bloggie friend..

    you know what i just came back from entertaining one blogger friend from Sibu,,www.suituapui.wordpress.com and guess what we had a good time with my family and his daughter,,

    take care now

  2. fun to blog..good to get to know new ppl..

  3. Eugene.. thanks for coming here and will visit situapui soon...

    wenn.. yes, indeed


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