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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Chicken that made to BOX

I got some chicken wings few days back, and actually thinking what to do with it.  Then, it strike my mind that I has not been making Boxing Chicken for some time… and here it goes…

DSC00412Use only the drummets of the wing, scrape down all the meat and form a boxing gloves at the edge

DSC00413 The drummets are done, but can’t take the ugly tips, so wrap it with some foil

I marinated the drummets with little of soy sauce, sugar, salt, pepper, sesame oil and some cooking wine for about an hour before frying.  When fry, just dip into some egg white and flour.

Unfortunately, the finish product is gone without having it being photographed!  So, this chicken is being ‘boxed’ without having it’s last portrait done…but as usual, the cook aka me is happy as it was gone within a breeze..

P/S:  But what do I do with the ‘rest’ of the wings?  it was again deep fry the KFC style next day..


  1. i also prefer to separate wings and drummets. nicer and tastier to eat.. :)

  2. hey..thanks for giving me an idea for this weekend..

  3. Elaine.. ya lor, if I have it together, the tip will sure gone faster than the drummets.. so, I separate them!

    Claire.. have a nice weekend.. kana paksa to cook ah? muahaha

  4. 好饿哦。。。每次都被你的香味吸引过来,让我肥了好几公斤!

  5. 密池,不好吗,人说肥人有肥福!

  6. wow....yummy!!! never scrapped the drummets like that before! For that matter...never fried stuff before!

  7. Wonderful! My sister used to do this, too, and we call it "Chicken Lollipop".
    I love being here in your cool blog, Cynthia.

  8. Ann... in my house, lots of frying coz other ways of cooking, my brother may not enjoy it

    Grace.. thanks for dropping by...

  9. deep fry ? meaning u r using lots of oil.. dont u think its messy work??? cos later have to filter the oil n keep back the oil right?

  10. this is what i had too last friday, chicken "boxing"! And the rest of the chicken wing, go to my Saturday "makan session" - bake chicken wing! hahahhahahha...

    First time here, thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

  11. Rachel... nope, I only use enough oil to fry that.. and all will be throw away later after use.. I never like to fry with lots of oil.. rather do more rounds.. :)

    Annie Q.. Thanks for coming by.. and I saw the post for the bake chicken wing.. yummy!


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