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Monday, August 3, 2009

Gift from Cath J

I was ranting about my month end with Adrian Low, but I am happy to receive a gift from Cath J, which make up my day.  I received this gift as a gesture of appreciation being one of the highest voters for one of the Princess contest.

It was received by my mum, and sitting on my work table.  When I open it, I saw this beautiful butterfly…

DSC00386 DSC00387


  1. What a wonderful gesture! Cath J is indeed a wonderful lady.. and u are indeed an active blogger visitor... takes 2 to work.. :)
    u deserve it!

  2. Nice gift!

    I have a tag for you.

  3. Claire, i agree! just like you and me hoh...

    Mummy Ryan.. :)

    Cindy.. thanks.. will do the tag soon.. :)

  4. wow so pretty :)

    wanna take part in my contest?

    its at also mommy :)

  5. Hi TH.. thanks.. I go pop by for a look!

  6. Is it a brooch and a hair clip? Nice nice!


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