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Friday, August 7, 2009

I got 2 tags… first one from Judy (Lemonjude)

This is the first time I was tagged since I started a blog.. muahhaa..

Judy tagged me on 30 July 2009, and I done that on the same day.. but, I have it till now only do the posting… sei for mo?  Sorry ah Judy, but better late than never right..

And this is her tag (I copied the whole thing from her blog)..

Rules for Handwriting:
1. Write down who tagged you.

Answer these questions:
2. your name/ user name/ pseudo
3. Right-handed or left-handed?
4. Your favourite letters to write?
5. Your least favourite letters to write?
6. Write 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'.
7. Tag five persons

and see my answers

DSC00395Bear with the paper.. I was trying to do this tag while I am stressing over my accounts.. and thanks Judy for this ‘refreshing’ moments.. muahahha.. :D

and who did I tag?

1)  mom-delight

2)  reanaclaire

3)  chumsyashley

4)  Cindy

5)  cindysworldz


  1. aiyoh..cynthia, so much work to do ah? answer questions on paper ah? then snap the paper .. then post in blog? so heavy workload..!! hahaha... ok, wait till i m in the hardworking mood first.. u waited 7 days.. let me see how long i will take to post it here..

  2. Clarie.. take ur time.. and we shall see.. hehehe..

  3. Hai Cnythia, is this the one that you wish to pass to me?
    But I wonder where is my name ya?

    Anyway, I also got the same tag from Judy but has yet to post it out. Hehe..Will post it soon. Thanks!

  4. aiyoh cynthia..very tired la.. not done yet..dont scold me ok, teacher? cannot pass up homework yet..


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