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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The importance of Engineers.. Wordless Thursday

The followings are from Riot Jokes

image Electronics Engineer

imageMechanical Engineer

imageCivil Engineer

image Communication Engineer

image Computer Engineer

image Aeronautical Engineer

P/S:  So, daddies and mummies.. saving enough to send your children being the ‘important’ person?


  1. hooray,, i am the first commentor.

    You know what cynthia,my son will be sitting for his UPSR next month, and he is worried sick about H1N1,, how to do lah?

    what have you been up lately, no cooking ka, no new recipes?

    take care and good health

  2. great pics cynthia..mana u dapat semua tu? the pics tell it all..

  3. Eugene... thanks for being the first commentor.. and all the best for your son's UPSR.. no worry.. GOD will bless him away from all those virus... coming up.. the ping pei mooncake

    Claire.. visit the riot jokes..

  4. Great to be an engineer but quite a stressful one.


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