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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meeting up with blogger friend

I had my first ever experience of meeting a blogger friend.. she is one of the very first visitors to my blog, and has been very encouraging throughout the journey of me being in this situation..

and she is Rachel.. Philip B’s mummy…

Rachel is very supportive to order the dragon fruit ping pei mooncake from me, and since I am in USJ last night, I delivered the mooncake to her.. was suppose to do that on Friday (so sorry for the delay, Rachel)

Even though it’s a very short meet up, like about 5 minutes chat.. I am happy to meet her in person.. and I hope she and Philip enjoy the mooncake, and able to give me some feedback.

I wish I could have longer time, coz I am rushing for dinner, and meet Philip too in person.. Next time… hopefully I can..


  1. hehehehe so far u r over generous on ur ping pei moon cake..cos the inside is stuff to too full...for me, its a little too full..sweetness its ok. so far philip didnt reject it. he had a few bites. i took some photos. will upload soon.

  2. thanks Rachel... so nice to meet you!!! glad that Philip didn't reject it.. :) will try next round some others, and let you be my guinea pig ah..

  3. hi cynthia..good u met up with rachel..hope next time u can meet up with me too.. :)

  4. wow...sure u will have more chances to meet more blogger when u deliver your mooncake.

  5. wah, good to b real friends too..

  6. I am happy that you have met up with fellow bloggie, bet it was a very nice inviting experience..

    for me,i managed to meet up with two bloggies (first time seeing them) one from Sibu and one from Kl.

    Hey Cynthia,if you happen to be in Penang, and wanna to meet up, email, will sure make time to meet up..

    take care now

  7. Are you selling mooncake? Let me know if you are. I am staying at USJ too.

  8. me too! i mean.. hope we will meet up soon too!

  9. same as Molly, dont know you are selling mooncake. Dont see you prommote your mooncake here?

  10. Claire.. I hope so too.. can't wait to meet you too!

    恩轩至佳... ya lor, once I started to deliver mooncake, then sure meet more of them.. hehe...

    wenn.. hehe.. right..

    Eugene.. sure sure.. when I down in Penang, sure let you know... we can go for a beer, so you don't need to jog..

    molly.. yes, selling mooncakes...

    merryn.. hehe.. soon soon...

    Horlic.. yes, I am.. I did a few post on it.. :D

  11. It is always great to meet up with blogger mummies...I do hope can meet up with some blogger mummies in my Dec trip to KL.


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