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Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka with 1Malaysia

Before I going to write anything, I wish to share this piece of personal comments from the Star Online today..

Monday August 31, 2009

We have been living together for 52 years

EVERY DAY, there is sure to be at least one news article about racism – be it to “remind” the nation to live in harmony, or a report about disrespectful behaviour towards another religion.

We, the ordinary rakyat, live just fine together, whether as neighbours or as house mates living under the same roof. We don’t need such “reminders” to make us realise that we don’t belong to one race.

It goes to show how much (or little) faith you have in us. Let’s face it – most of the racial commotions spark from the doings of politicians.

Because these people have the power to speak, they have the power to build or destroy. We, the rakyat can only watch the “drama”.

I share my pride for Malaysia with citizens from around the world. And most of the time, I talk about food, because then, I won’t feel like I’m lying.

I can’t bring myself to talk about how so many different races are living together peacefully (even if it’s true for the ordinary rakyat) when bits and pieces from the media suggest otherwise.

We, the rakyat don’t ask for much. We just want you to develop our country. Leave the living-with-other-religion thing to us because we were born with that in our blood.

Just to remind you, we have been living together since 52 years ago.

Toowong, Australia.

When I read this at 7.11pm today, I was so totally agree with it.. and yes, we do not need to be told to live in harmony.. those that is not, are being ‘created’ by the one who does not want us to live in harmony!!!

Now, tell me all my dear friends..

1)  How many of you DO NOT have other races in your neighbourhood??

2)  How many of you DO NOT have other races in your work place?

3)  How many of you DO NOT have the same skin colour in your school?

Frankly, I enjoy those days I stay with my Malay neighbours, Indian belakang rumah, and of course, during those festive season, is the best.. coz we have a chance to taste all kind of food… muahhaa…

FYI, in my family, we used to have the Malay cooking on the first day of CNY.. food such as lemak chili padi & mutton rendang is served… we even have nasi lemak too!

and YES, we have been living like this for the last 52 years, and please do not stir up the unnecessary stuff and use it as your propaganda!!!

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

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