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Friday, August 7, 2009

A middle of the night post

I woke up at 2.14am, realised I have 2 MSN message blinking, my half way done posting (which is now save as draft), and some unfinished chat… I also have my accounting system on and hanging there calling me…

Half way through of doing my MyLot, I decided to side track and to this post.. I have not done anything in such a middle of the night since I had my princess, but I hope this is not going to be a permanent change of way I do things at this kind of hour (although I feel more peaceful doing it now, since Princess is so sweet and deep sleeping next to me).  I admit I was not an ‘early’ person before I had princess, but after 12 months of training (7 months of pregnancy and 5 months of having princess) I think I need my beauty sleep more often…

Guess the time I hit the bed?  It was about 8.30pm, when I bring my little princess to the room for a wash up and change.  I then leave her on the bed, while I go on with my work.. Nowadays, my laptop has to be carried with me whenever I go since this lil princess of mine is asking lots more of attention.

I bought a bed tray from IKEA yesterday, so that I could have the laptop on the bed while keeping Princess accompany.  All thanks to the invention, or else how would I split myself into 2 ah? Anyone here with those ‘magic’ that could help?

and now by the time I finishing this post, the little clock on my laptop showing 2:58am, and I am trying to finish the other post, so you guys can enjoy a fair bit…

Ok… now, back to the post that I was halfway done..


  1. Cynthia, u said got tag for me? mana.. tak nampak yet...

  2. Cynthia, mana? tagggggggggg....

  3. Claire.. got.. just appear..

    Fifi.. just appear.. it was a delayed posting.. :p

  4. Hi cynthia

    well, since MyLotting, i've ignored my blog...sigh. I think have to start blogging again soon.


  5. Kev.. don't abandon your blog.. be good ya..


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