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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Missing in Action.. blame it on..

I know I have not been visiting on your blog, and it was due to a few USUAL reasons..

1)  baking…

2)  cooking…

3)  trying to finalise my accounts…

4)  MyLotting

5)  Reports for the patrol team

6)  work

7)  washing…. and so ON….

and the MAIN REASON… I was hooked on the TV for… 巾幗梟雄 (Rosy Business)


I manage to “boil” all the episodes in a week, having finish all the 25 episodes… and now, I am back to my blogging world.. visiting you guys again…

And keep a look out of my coming baking… muahahaha…

P/S:  I know I am a bit slow in watching this now, when most people already get over and done with… :p


  1. I can forgive you with one condition, you must give me samplings of everything yo bake,you cook, you grill and you steam,hahahahahah

  2. Eugene.. I always sample the food with photo in my blogs.. hahahhaa..

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    nice post, enjoyed reading the
    jokes on definitions of words like conference, committee etc. Very funny, keep it up! Pls click on my nuffnang & google adsense ads..tks!
    Really appreicate it! How come u don't put up ads?

  4. Hi,
    click your google ads oredi, found it at the bottom of the page...lol

  5. eh Cynthia..u got so much to do.. walllau... hope u squeeze in some time too for us..hahhahaa..
    Agreed with Eugene.. u must send samplings to IPOH and Penang.. we are very wai sik one... hahaha...

  6. Iriene.. thanks for clicking.. and have just visited urs..

    Claire.. why don't you both come over to my house and try ah?

  7. I watched ROsy Business on DVD. a very nice drama, love all the actors and actresses in there.... Guess what? Me and hubby finished the dvd in 2 days on weekend.....you can guess, we were blur from too much watching! hahah!

  8. alamax... myLotting oso the culprit eh? hahahaha.. me same same pun! klik klik too..

  9. 原来你那么忙,慢慢来,最紧要痛快!

  10. Rose.. hahah.. yup, after boiling the show, we all blur blur..

    Merryn.. Hi5!

    蜜池.. 对咯,最紧要痛快!

  11. I also watched the same drama and finished it within a week. So geng!
    Yes. I like the statement that made by the guy. It is meaningful~!


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