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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Baking

I attended a class last Friday, and I have the following skill improvise.  All this while, my cake decorations are from observations and from some videos but I have not attended any classes.

Since recently I am into much of baking, I decided to attend this class to polish up my skill and clear some doubts that I have in my mind.. and I am glad all my doubts are cleared now, and I hope to improve on my cake decorating skill more.

I always envy those that can really do a great deco for their cakes, and as one of the student said, even how awful the cake may taste, if the deco is good, it makes someone saliva drooling still.

And these are the 2 cakes I did that day…


American Chocolate Cake

DSC00441 DSC00440Fruit Flan  

So, what do you think?


  1. I like the Fruit Flan.. haha..

  2. great baking n deco! I only know how to bake butter n sponge cake. But no deco..

  3. the first cake looks like halloween cake.. got sample ah?

  4. The fruit flan look so "PRO"

    Not easy to 'deco' the cake with fresh cream rite???

    Well done!

  5. A job well done!! The cake looks so professionally decorated :) The class must be very interesting :)

  6. Wahhh so cantiklah you ice your fruit flan? You must have got a good teacher there. Which class did you attend? Who knows I can go there too. I am pretty lousy at icing a whole cake! Like the moon surface aje! Hahahaha.... I think the moon surface lagi licinlah! Hihihi...

  7. Fifi.. too far to make one for you.. next time ah..

    Richard.. no la, just decorated 2 only...

    Wenn.. try.. it's not that difficult if you skill..

    Claire.. sample finish makan liao..

    Josephine.. I got good sifu ma..

    Caroline.. thanks, and yes, it's only 70 bucks and I learn alot..

    MamFaMi.. humblenya you ni.. tengok la you punya kek semua cantik cantik.. ni hah, first time I buat, betul betul macam tempat bulan.. MJ pun tak jadi nak jalan tau!

  8. I love the Fruit Flan too, very nicely done! I bet its delicious too...hmmm, yums!!

  9. *clap clap clap* nicely done! Good job!

    First chocolate cake look so cute and the fruit flan looks like the one from the bakery! Yummy!

  10. I always like to benchmark the Japanese for their decorations. My clients 'Bees'...i did ask them to learn from the japanese and even taiwanese... their deco really really neat n nice...

  11. The fruit flan looks really nice.

  12. Fussy mum, Annie Q.. thanks for coming.. and yup, it's yummy!

    Rachel.. yup, they got really good and creative deco..

    Mumsgather.. thanks..


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