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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My ever first video editing

If you stumble on my Princess blog, you will noticed the recent video on her solid intake.. I am proud.. from an idiot of not knowing anything, I just go around doing it..

If you look at my Facebook, the video actually come in 2 part.  My intention was just to rotate the video from landscape to portrait or else those viewing it, will have to tilt the head.

I started to browse around for ‘video editing software’ and came across the Windows Movie Maker (WMM).. and later I check through my programs, I do have this install when I buy the genuine Windows (hurray)…

But too early to be happy.. while I start browsing how to do the stuff, I manage to rotate the frame of the video but I can’t save it!!  Gosh, can you imagine how much frustration I have (I did this from 2pm till like 11pm excluding the time I spent with Princess and all, at least good few hours)

Then, I googled again for the reason, and it seems that the file may not be compatible (I using mobile phone to take videos) and sei for la, how ah?  Ok, another google again, and this time round, find another video editing program (cheap poh neh neh like me, sure google for those free downloads)

I downloaded VideoSpin by Pinnacle, and try to do the conversion.. se beh mafan, but never mind, I just want to try it out.. and da dah.. I manage to get it done.. now the video from my mobile is under the AVI format.  I combine the 2 videos together, then happily thought can rotate, aiyo.. cannot wor.. sei la, one can do one thing but not the others…

Ok la, since already ‘sai sup’ the feet liao, just do what I can la.. So, I use the video combination by VideoSpin (in AVI mode) and then use WMM to rotate and save it again..

Cool la this thing, will have to do it more often… come come Princess, mummy take more video now than photos… muahaha.. :)


  1. hello cynthia, im back.. yes, my fren got it from yr brother already.. now i got to take from my fren.. see when i m free to go..hahaa...anyway, thanks!

  2. good to learn new stuff..all the best.

  3. Wow...havent visited you in a while!!! :) Your new layout looks great! And your mooncakes are turning out well too!

  4. Claire.. thanks for the arrangement.. and hope you like it ya..

    wenn.. yup, nice to learn.. and this kind of thing can only do when I am now sitting at home..

    Ann.. thanks.. come often ya..

  5. I am learning video editing too but I am worst, my camera take MOV file and cannot use with WMM, uurrrggghhh!!!! So geram la!


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