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Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Sprout Meal

I have many of those green peas in my fridge and I have no idea what to do with it.  They say having green peas are very “leong” as in cold, and will not be good to have it more often.

So, come out of it, I have it sprout and have some “taugeh” instead.. and look at my sprout

DSC00384DSC00383 DSC00381 DSC00382

Oh, this tastes very sweet actually, all I need is just to give have it plain with some soya sauce & pepper.  I also keep some to do omelette. 

Doing this is just so simple, soak the beans overnight, put some cotton wool at the bottom, and just leave it for a day or two, I get my sprout nicely out from the beans..


  1. wah.. u r so creative.. so wont waste anything hor? so what did u do with the taugeh?

  2. Hi! Blog hopping from Lovely Mummy blog. :)

    A great tip to remove the the sprouts from beans. Thanks for the sharing!

  3. Hello Cyntha, I love bean sprouts, especially the very crunchy ones we get here.
    Will put them into my instant noodles for lunch when home alone.
    Your beans look good.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  4. Claire.. I just simply "sap" with soya sauce and pepper.. then fried with egg, make omelette

    Rose.. thanks for coming.. and hope to see you again..

    Uncle Lee.. thanks and I shall look forward seeing you again.. :)

  5. wahh.. DIY o.. i 1 2 learnt also.. so gud tat u share wit us.. hehe!

  6. Fifi.. veli senang to do de.. try la.. remember last time our science class? just that this is Mass production saja.. :p

  7. Very creative idea. Should taste excellent!

  8. Dear,
    You are really talented chef..
    boxing chicken also clever to make..I only clever to eat...
    I think one day I will try to make also base on your recipe...tks!
    Click ur G ads edi :)

  9. Joanne.. nothing great.. malas ppl is like tat de lor..

    Iriene.. ok.. thanks for coming by..


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