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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ping Pei moon cake

I made the first batch of Ping Pei Mooncake with split mung beans fillings.  I normally like to make mini Ping Pei mooncake as I find it easier to eat since Ping Pei is very sweet on both the skin and fillings.

Another reason that I prefer home made mooncake, as I can adjust the ‘sugar’ content myself, and not going to be too sweet to be eaten.

I put some natural colouring too.. adding the dragon fruit in the skin.  This will have the red colouring without having to use any of the artificial colouring.

Now, let me share some photos…


The Split Mung Beans Filling


The Dragon Fruit as the natural colouring



The ‘mini’ Hello Kitty Dragon Fruit Ping Pei Mooncake

DSC00431 DSC00430 DSC00429The ‘mini’ Original Flavour Ping Pei Mooncake (both round and square shape)

The ‘mini’ Ping Pei mooncake will be for sale in 6 pcs instead of 8 previously mentioned.  And the price will be RM8.00 only.


  1. wow!!! you're really talented leh...

    the hello moon cakes are so cute! looks yummy too!

  2. oh ya, do you deliver to Penang too?? :P

  3. I love ping pei mooncake, but never make one before!! :p

  4. Eugene.. thanks.. and I will have the delivery to Penang...

    Rose... yup, me too, but just bit sweet, therefore I prefer to do it on my own..

  5. wonderful life is Doreen and not Eugene...

    So for this Ping Pei mooncake..inside filling is beans and dragon fruit oni??
    The RM8 per piece or 8 for 6?
    then can tahan how long if put in fridge? my little fella can eat or not?

  6. Rachel.. thanks for the correction.. I think I read it wrongly.. :p

    yes, the filing is mung beans and the skin is flavoured with dragon fruit

    RM8 for 6 pcs... and if you put in the fridge, it can last you for a week or so (coz no preservative used) and Philip can have a try... no problem with it..

    Small Kucing.. thanks for coming..

  7. I also wan... Cynthia.. but not much.. just wanna try 2 boxes? delivery expensive la.. hahaa...

  8. Hello Kitty.. how cute! Nice one there Cynthia. :)

  9. wah....good la, you could make your own moon cake. I'd be blogging about moon cakes in a week's time (depending on my schedule, and laziness), so check my blog regularly :)

    Can let me taste ah? ...hehehe

  10. Claire.. can can.. I will get someone to send to Ipoh for you...

    密池.. yes, I am accepting order

    Merryn.. thanks.. you want some?

    Kev... Sure follow you blog.. and you wanna taste? order la

  11. those moon cakes look delicious..yummy..

  12. RM8 for 6 piece? I want to order! BTW, what is the size, how big??

  13. Wenn.. thanks..

    Mummy Moon.. can can.. it's the mini size ones..


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