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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Assam Laksa after a long long time

It’s been a very very long time ago (at least minimum a year) that I did not do Assam Laksa.. and that day when I am suppose to go and buy for my mooncake ingredient, I saw this fish seller selling very cheap Kembong fish, and I was ‘ting’ wanted to do Assam Laksa.. initially only ask for 12 fish, but then after think think some more.. I took all about 25 of them.. and cost me RM20.00 nett nett.. I use half to cook Assam Laksa, and the rest, will be cooking Lemak Chili Padi… muahaha..

I need you guys to have some imaginary, cause I have got the photos of all my ‘liew’ but did not have a chance to take the whole combination of it.. so, please use your imagination a bit ya..

I invited 2 friends over, and also my cousins.. comment.. very ‘chi gek’ coz it’s hot, spicy and sour!  and later I brought some to my friend’s house… and last bowl when to my aunt who is a lover of Assam Laksa.

assam laksa

This was how I celebrated the Merdeka of 52th!  :)


  1. *drools*

    I will go eat Asam Laksa later... Cannot tahan... :D

  2. IPOH laksa not so good.. cynthia's home made laksa must be better!

  3. wei.... very good wor.. can share recipe or not ? Not too sure how to make the stock.

  4. Wow..u make me hungry liow....cz assam laksa is my favorite food leh...normally if im craving for it i will go n buy at SS2 Pasar Mlm (so far this is the BEST for me...need to go early cz wanna avoid long Q)

  5. Aiyo... you made me feeling hungry and craving for laksa now.

    hmm...yummy!! how i wish to become your neighbour!!

  6. Agnes & Claire.. come KL, I cook for you..

    Elaine.. OK, I blog about it..

    smallkucing.. hehe.. come come I cook for you..

    Mummy Ryan.. I don't like those selling outside coz cannot see fish de.. I cook myself, I put big big pieces of fish..

    Doreen.. come KL, I cook for you..

  7. Huhu, home made asam laksa keh? I tot only can get it at pasar malam...

  8. I like assam laksa too. Wah yours look so mouth watering. :)

  9. wuah....u really geng ahh!! i would never try cooking this coz just too complicated, haha

  10. Yum! I like assam laksa a lot. Please share some with me.


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