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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bed Tray

Where do I do my blogging now?  With Princess getting older day by day, her attention needed is also getting more and more.  When she was new born, she will be able to settle on her own in the bed at night, while I can still go online outside the room.

Nowadays, I can hardly get out of the room after 9pm, since Princess will want me to keep her accompany when she sleeps.. and if I got up from the bed, she will some how able to smell / feel / know that I am not around… I have tried many many times.. so, I think I won’t be able to ‘cabut’ while she sleeps..

So, how to do my work then?  I got myself THIS

DSC00462DSC00461I bought this bed tray, which was supposed to be use as a tray to serve breakfast while in bed.  I now used this to lay my laptop, and other stationery as then I could do my work. 

Now having this, I can blog, and also doing other stuff without walking out from the room, and Princess could sleep peacefully not to worry that her mummy ‘runaway’

I got this bed tray from IKEA at RM16.90.. worth it for someone who need some best of all world.. :D 


  1. eh..ehh... nothing can stop a blogger, right? this is called blogaholic..hahaha.. i cannot tease u cos i m worse perhaps.. good idea too but make sure dont do it in the dark, it spoils yr eyes leh..

  2. That's what i call.. a good mama, will always do more and beyond for the little ones..

    take care now,,, btw it is rather cheap for bed tray at RM16.90..too bad Ikea is not here in Penang,,,

  3. good idea!
    I need to get one too!

  4. Eeek I am doing the same thing as you; every night! haha it's truly very useful.

  5. eh.. good start to let Breanna get used to you working on your laptop. Till today, I can never touch the computer when Amber's around. She'll want to touch everything and slam my keyboard. Once I gave her the mouse but disconnected the wire, she happily click click while I do my work but she found out already :( LOL !!!

  6. I think i got the same tray too. Mine one is in white colour. I use it frequently when serving food to Sarah.

    At least Breanna is not awake by the light from the laptop. Good la!


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